Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Makes expansion for everyone a bit harder because clans, national minorities and settlements show their disloyalty in very obvious way raising rebel kingdoms.

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • French

There are different types of rebellions.
  • Lord rebellions depend on lords relations. Any clan may raise a rebellion depending on their relations with kingdom ruler, culture, owned fiefs and some other factors. When a clan rebel they will found a new kingdom which will be at war with original faction. To prevent lord rebellions a ruler have to maintain good relations with their lords or keep them small with low amount of fiefs.
  • National rebellions depend on culture difference of a single kingdom fiefs. Any national minority of a kingdom may raise a rebellion to fight for their independence. It is possible when there are some settlements of their culture ruled by their native lords. To prevent national rebellions a ruler have to avoid situation when conquered fiefs of foreign culture are ruled by lords of the same culture.
  • Anarchy rebellions depend on amount of fiefs per single clan. Any settlement may raise a rebellion and call a new ruler on rulership when its ruler clan have too many fiefs and does not visit them periodically. To prevent anarchy rebellions a lord have to have less than critical amount of fiefs or visit their fiefs from time to time.
  • Settlement rebellions depend on settlement loyalty. When a settlement has low loyalty to current ruler a rebel army will be spawned. It is build in game mechanic. By default this feature is disabled probably because of its unfinished state but the mod allows you to check it at your own risk.
Regardless of type all rebellions are not random at all. Every rebellion has a reason. That's why it is possible to build The Whole Map Kingdom without any rebellions.

Chaos start

When this mod option is enabled you will get a BIG separation of Calradia at start of a new game. All clans with fiefs will found their own independent kingdoms.

Floating titles

Any lord can become a ruler in result of rebellion. After that he will be able to recruit another lords, hire mercenaries and pursue an independent policy. Any ruler can become a usual lord and join another faction when his kingdom is destroyed. Any kingdom will be destroyed when it has the only one ruler clan and has no any fiefs.


Weak kingdoms will look for alliance with other friendly kingdoms to fight against common enemies. The reasoning behind these unions is based on ruler relations and geopolitical situation.

Relation shift

The game defines different types of hero relations. There are two constant thresholds that define the borders of relation areas. By default these constants are -10 and +10. So we have enemies with relations [-100..-11], friends with relations [+11..+100] and neutrals with relations [-10..+10]. The mod allows you to change these thresholds. So if you make both thresholds low the most of lords will be friendly to each other. The intensity of rebellions and wars will be decreased and Calradia will become a very peacefull place. If you make both thresholds high the most of lords will be enemies. The intensity of rebellions and wars will be increased. There are even more options. For instance you can set friendly threshold to +100 and enemy threshold to -100. So there will be no more friends or enemies. All lords will be neutral to each other. In that case lord rebel reasoning will be based on owned fiefs and culture difference only. Another instance is war of all against all. You can get it if you set both thresholds to +100.

More details

The mod does not save any mod-specific data and not require a new game. You can turn on or turn off it at any moment and continue to play your saves without any manipulations.

If you wanna know how exactly mod works you can check source code here.

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