Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Ensure that your Cataphracts are not easily lost against Looters in Auto Resolve (Send troop). This mod change Auto Resolve to simulates each individual's HP and damage as in a real battle.

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In Auto Resolve with vanilla , each unit lives or dies according to an RNG calculation, where the damage is determined based on the tier of each unit, and the higher the damage, the higher the chance of death.
In other words, even if the damage a Looter does to some elite unit is infinitesimally small, there is still a few percent chance of death.
This mod replaces this calculation and simulates the HP of each individual troop to prevent elite troops from dying too easily.
This mod also makes the damage dealt go up or down based on troop's armor and weapon type, not just the their tier.

Each feature can be adjusted or disabled via Mod Configuration Menu
  • In AutoResolve(incl. AI vs AI battle) with the mod, HitPoint of each troop is stored individually, and then the damage is subtracted from the stored HP of each troop, and when a troop's HP falls below zero, it is considered wounded or dead.
  • The damage a troop takes is reduced by the armor value of the troop's equipment. 
  • If the unit is equipped with a shield, the armor value used to reduce damage receives a bonus.
  • The damage dealt by a troop receives a bonus based on the type of weapon equipped by the attacker and the type of victim.
    1. Two-handed troops receive a bonus to damage when attacking unmounted(Including cavalry during siege) troops.
    2. Ranged troops receive a bonus to damage when attacking troops without shields.
    3. Polearm troops receive a bonus to damage when attacking mounted troops.

Known Issue
 - Mods that change HitPoints of heroes and soldiers, or change armor stats, may cause battles between AI last longer.
   If battles between AI last for a very long time, try increase Battle Speed from MCM options.
   (Also if you think that you only need to apply mod to your party's AutoResolve, uncheck Apply mod for AI battle from MCM options.)
 - If you start new campaign again without restarting, mod may not work properly. Please restart game before start new campaign.

- Safe to add or remove from existing saved game
- Should compatible with all mods except mods change how AutoResolve works (ex. Simulations Fix - Advanced Autoresolve)
 (I'm using with Realistic Battle Mod and Open Source Armory)