Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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The mod aims to improve battle simulations (both players Send troops and AI battles between each other) by removing most of the RNG from damage calculation, and adding damage and defense modifiers based on Party Leaders Leadership and Tactics skill. The mod also adds extra modifiers by introducing tactics for each formation. (Inspired by CK2)

Permissions and credits
We're back! Updated by MajikalExplosions, with permission.
I no longer have time to maintain this mod; if anyone wants to pick it up, please feel free to do so.
For those of you who want something similar, maybe consider this mod.
The description is still being updated, so it may not reflect the most recent version of the mod. There's a stickied post (by me) that you should probably read, but that's up to you, I guess.

The mod adds each of the parties troops into it's own list of soldiers, while splitting them up by formations. A series of modifiers decide how much the attackers damage and defenders defense are changed. 
What happens in vanilla, is a random troop from each party is selected, and one attacks, while other defends. The calculation is very simplified, and damage is mostly decided by RNG. This mod aims to remove the randomness.

Vanilla Formula

Mod Formula (Pre-1.3.0)

The mod should be compatible with most other mods out there. The Harmony patches are only used to run some code on the side and don't change any of the vanilla code, except replacing a single method that actually calculates simulated damage. The only mods that might screw with this one are ones that patch 'ApplySimulationDamageToSelectedTroop'.
Exception: Troop overhauls are the only category that may break this mod - use them at your own risk. If there is one that is incompatible, feel free to add it to the bugs tab, along with details (name of troop overhaul mod, details about the error and what you were doing, and so on). I will try, but I may or may not be able to fix it.

Please note that most of these numbers are arbitrary and are subject to change. In future versions, the values will be made configurable, and more tactics will be added. 


Check out the source code (pre-1.3.0) here: bannerlord-advanced-autoresolve
The source code for 1.3.0+ can be found here.

The mod doesn't aim to buff auto resolve to make it easier for the player. Instead, the mod tries to add more complexity to the simulation, so that the results make more sense.

To install, drop the files into your Modules/ folder, and don't forget to Unblock the .dll files inside AdvancedAutoResolve/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client

Config with some options available in AdvancedAutoResolve/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/config.json