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About this mod

Better Attributes aims to improve attributes by giving them bonuses that scale with their level. You can pick which bonuses are tied to what attribute as well as what you'd like the bonus to be.

Permissions and credits
BetterAttributes 2.x is only for 1.8.0!

  • Bonuses can be individually enabled or disabled
  • Bonus values can be customized per attribute point
  • Applicable bonuses can be set to player only or apply to all heroes
  • Most bonuses are displayed in corresponding tooltips, no more hidden modifiers
  • Bonuses and their effects will be displayed in the attribute information tooltip on the character screen (a helpful reminder of which bonuses are enabled and which attribute they are tied to)
  • Configure the max attribute level
  • Configure the required levels per attribute point (max 1 attribute point per level)
  • Configure the max focus points which can be spent per skill
  • Configure how many focus points per level

  1. Melee damage increase (Vigor)
  2. Movement speed increase (Vigor)
  3. Reload speed increase (Vigor)
  4. Ranged damage increase (Control)
  5. Increase stagger interrupt (Control)
  6. Increase weapon handling (Control)
  7. Max health increase (Endurance)
  8. Healing rate increase (Endurance)
  9. Simulation advantage (Cunning)
  10. Persuasion chance (Cunning)
  11. Morale increase from victories (Cunning)
  12. Renown increase from victories (Cunning)
  13. Increase party size (Social)
  14. Party morale increase (Social)
  15. Companion limit increase (Social)
  16. Party wage reduction (Social)
  17. Influence increase from victories (Intelligence)
  18. Increase gross clan income (Intelligence)
  19. XP rate increase (Intelligence)
  20. Party leader XP percent from assigned roles (Intelligence)

Installation & Updating
  1. Download the mod
  2. Copy the mod folder into your Bannerlord Modules folder, generally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules.
  3. Unblock all dll’s under the mod folder.
  4. (Optional) If not using MCM, configure the mod via the config.xml located in the mod folder (after launching the game once).

For updating please delete the mod folder and follow the installation process again. If you're using MCM, your previous settings will be remembered. If not, you'll have to configure these again.

Configuration is done in game via Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) or via config.xml to keep requirements down. Make sure to adjust your config to suit your taste. The default values are fairly balanced, but everyone has their own preferences.

If you're not using MCM, the config.xml file is located in the mod folder. It will automatically be created after running the game with the mod enabled. Close the game, change the settings to your liking and launch the game again.

Is Better Attributes save game compatible?
Better Attributes can safely be added to an ongoing save game. It should be safe to remove from a save, but you should always backup your save before attempting any game/save modification.

I'm not using Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), where is the config.xml?
The config.xml file is created at runtime. Thus, you will need to launch the game once after installing the mod for the config.xml to generate. The config.xml will then be located in the root of the mod folder, generally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\BetterAttributes.

I found a bug/issue, what should I do?
Ideally, please post an issue on GitHub If you don't know how, please visit my discord

Future Plans
Add more bonuses. If you have any ideas, please post them.

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Please join my discord if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions. I take breaks from modding every now and then so this is the best way to contact me.

EvilTactician for their amazing ideas and contributions in testing/readability! Seriously, Better Attributes 2.x would not be what it is without them
CptBoma for their Party Leader Role XP mod
Inspiration from Attributes Reloaded and Attributes Matter