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About this mod

Makes prisoners less annoying. You no longer have to worry about them being auto ransomed or escaping if you want.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to improve how prisoners are handled in Bannerlord, both in terms of ransoms and escapes. This is only for lords (does not change normal troop prisoners). You no longer need to worry about them being auto ransomed before you can make it to a dungeon. It is customizable so you can adjust it to how you want to play or disable features you don't like.

The player imprisonment is unchanged.

  • Prisoners have a configurable chance of escaping from parties and settlements.
  • Prisoners have a configurable minimum number of days they must be imprisoned before they can be ransomed or trigger an escape.
  • Configurable relation loss or gain with prisoners (and families if desired).
  • Can completely disable auto ransoms for player.
  • Can completely disable ransoms (prisoners can still be manually exchanged, and are released at peace time)
  • Can configure party/settlement strength required to keep prisoners imprisoned.

Installation & Updating
  1. Download the mod
  2. Copy the mod folder into your Bannerlord Modules folder.
  3. Unblock all dll’s under mod folder '\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\’.
  4. (Optional) If not using MCM, configure the mod via the config.xml.

For updating please delete the mod folder and follow the installation process again.

Configuration is done in game via Mod Configuration Menu or via config.xml to keep requirements down. Make sure to adjust your
config, all values are disabled by default (vanilla settings).

If not using MCM the config.xml is located in the mod folder. It will be automatically created after the first run, then you can configure.

Configurable Values
PrisonerEscapeWhileTravelingChance - Percent chance at escaping while traveling
PrisonerEscapeWhileInSettlementChance -  Percent chance at escaping while in settlement
PrisonerMinDaysToBeImprisoned - Minimum days a prisoner will be imprisoned (before escape or ransom is possible)
PrisonerRelationPenalty - Amount of relation lost or gained while imprisoned
PrisonerRelationPenaltyAppliesToFamily - Should relationship loss extended to entire family of prisoner
FactorInStrengthForEscapeChance - Should strength be a factor in escape chance
SettlementStrengthToPreventEscape - Minimum strength a settlement must have to prevent escape
PartyStrengthToPreventEscape - Minimum strength a party must have to prevent escape
AutoRejectRansomsForPlayer - Prisoners will not be auto ransomed, if set to false auto ransom will only occur after minimum days to be imprisoned has past
AllowRansoms - should ransoms be allowed? if not prisoners should only be released at peace time (or if they escape)

Is it save game compatible?
Should be free to add or remove (or change configs) at any time during a save. Always backup your saves before attempting just in case.

How is strength calculated?

Strength is calculated by adding the tier level of all troops in the party or garrison.

How is strength factored into the escape chance?
The closer your party/garrison strength is to the configured required value, the less chance for a prisoner to escape. If your party/garrison strength is 25% of the required strength there will be an additional 75% chance to escape on top of the base values. If it's 75% the required strength, there will be an additional 25% chance of escape.

What if my troops are above tier 6?

The player and any troops that are above tier 6 will be counted at 7 strength.

Future Plans
None, feel free to make suggestions.

Credit to HumanLikeCreatur for their original work in creating this mod.

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