Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

Various ways to improve combat, all customizable!

Permissions and credits
This mod provides lots of ways to improve combat in Bannerlord. It does not direct change how combat works but how much you can engage in it. I personally don't like how average my character feels. Some could argue that is the point of the game :) but I want to be like the main characters in all the movies, cutting down hundreds of enemies with ease. Everything is customizable so you can adjust it to your liking to make the game easier or harder if you want.  

  • Configurable passive health regeneration for player and mount (fully customizable).
  • Configurable percent life-steal for player (fully customizable).
  • Provides the player with bandages to use during the battle (customizable key).
  • Gives control over base health of player and troops (campaign only)
  • Configure health increase for player and troops (several options)
  • Configure multi hit all weapons or just one/two handed ones
  • Configure player/mount knockdown and the ability to shrug off blows
  • Configurable healing limit, once reached all healing will stop.
  • Medical skill impacts passive health regeneration
  • Cut through enemies (configurable chance)
  • Crush through enemies (configurable chance)

Installation & Updating
  1. Download the mod
  2. Copy the mod folder into your Bannerlord Modules folder.
  3. Unblock all dll’s under mod folder.
  4. (Optional) If not using MCM, configure the mod via the config.xml.

For updating please delete the mod folder and follow the installation process again.

Configuration is done in game via Mod Configuration Menu or via config.xml to keep requirements down. Make sure to adjust your
config, all values are disabled by default (vanilla settings).

If not using MCM the config.xml is located in the mod folder. It will be automatically created after the first run, then you can configure.

Configurable Values

Is it save game compatible?
Should be free to add or remove (or change configs) at any time during a save. Always backup your saves before attempting just in case.

Future Plans
  • Add more combat related features.
  • Possibly make bandages something you have to buy.
  • Feel free to make more suggestions.

Credits to Jeffear for their original work in creating the passive health regeneration functionality.
Credits to kz14365 for their original work on increasing player and troop hp per level functionality.
Credits to nemoofnemo for their original work in creating the life-steal functionality.
Credits to akdombrowski for their original work in the don't interrupt me functionality.

Thanks to Jeffear and kz14365 for allowing modifications and updates to their mods, without which I never would have gotten into modding Bannerlord. Reviewing both of their mods provided a great learning experience and led to the creation of this mod.

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