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This mod adds some new sharp tools of mass destruction.

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The "Reign of Sword" adds some new swords (more weapons coming soon...) and a lot of crafting pieces to the game. New weapons have custom models and are divided into crafting parts, meaning you can combine the new elements with already existing ones. Wanna have a claymore with flamberge blade? No problem.

I was trying to set the weapon stats to be good but not overpowered. If you don't like them, you can tweak the stats or parts (like scabbards) in XML files of the mod. I'm also always open for suggestions.

Currently added weapons
- Claymore - 5 swords and 12 crafting parts
- Zweihander and Flamberge - 5 swords and 20 crafting parts
- Uthred's of Bebbanburg ("The Last Kingdom" TV series) "Serpent-breath" - 1 sword and 4 crafting parts
- William Wallace's ("Breveheart") Claymore - 2 swords and 6 crafting parts

Total new crafting parts: 42

More weapons to come in next updates...

How to get?
New weapons should appear in Battania and Vlandia stores, but due to their price it may be necessary to install some mod, which allows better equipment to appear for sale (like key's Royal Armoury). New swords can also be crafted (scroll down to new item category) if you unlock the parts or can be obtained by enabling cheats.

Download with Vortex and enable the mod.
Manually unpack and copy the "ReignOfSword" folder to your Bannelord's Modules directory

For game version e1.7.2 or older, you can also install the optional file Missing Strings Fix, which fixes the error of missing strings in item crafting category list in the Forge and in new weapon description. The fix is not needed for game version e1.8.0 or newer.

Language support
The mod is translation-friendly. In the "ReignOfSword\ModuleData\Languages" folder you'll find "RES_strings.xml" file, which you can use as a base for your translation.