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Improves on all aspects of tournaments in Bannerlord, and adds an all-new Team tournament mode!

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THIS MOD NEEDS LOVE - it has been abandoned!
If you want to adopt this mod and become the new maintainer:
1. Fork the mod's source code on GitHub. If you have any questions about compiling the mod, contact Alexrok.
2. Contact FallenFromGr4ce and ask for control of this mod page, or create a new mod page and ask FallenFromGr4ce to remove this old one.


*UPDATE: Now supporting Bannerlord e1.5.8 main and e1.5.9 beta!

Select Join as a team from the join tournament menu and build your team!

This mod is currently being maintained and updated by Alexrok. Many thanks to the original mod creator, FallenFromGr4ce, for making this fantastic mod.


The mod modifies and adds new tournament contestants, rewards, impacts on the overall campaign, impacts on relationships with local nobles, XP and stat gains, how tournaments are created, events related to tournaments, tournament difficulty, and more.

Tournaments Enhanced is also customizable! Installing Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) enables the in-game mod options screen.

In terms of balancing, the default settings of this mod make tournaments a lot more challenging for the average player. In turn, however, they are also far more rewarding. As a lord, they can help you increase your settlement's stats at the expense of gold and food stocks, while gaining favor with the local notables. As a participant, it gives you far better XP and item rewards (based on your renown).

Tournaments are now triggered by various events happening on the campaign map instead of just randomly appearing. Different triggers will have different effects on the settlement holding the tournament.

Detailed Feature List

  • Bring your companions and spouse into tournaments with you and team up with them (when possible) if they are in your party. 
  • Lord tournaments where a faction leader invites all his lord for a high stakes high reward tournament. 
  • Ability to select from 5 generated prizes where the tier is based on your renown before joining a tournament.
  • Default tournament AI difficulty is maxed out. This is the way this mod is meant to be played. Can be disabled.
  • Tournament participants will now include lords of the faction and associated heroes far more often. Some of these guys have beastly stats and make tournaments way more challenging and fun.
  • Winning tournaments will now grant a chunk of bonus xp in a tournament skill (e.g one-handed or athletics)
  • Modified XP gain on hit to be 100% of normal instead of 25%. This also applies to the arena.  
  • Increased renown gain on tournament win (new default is 10).
  • Tournament rewards have been expanded and improved to scale based on player renown. 
  • Some tournament types will affect relations with local notables.
  • Some tournament types will affect loyalty, prosperity, security and food stocks in settlements.
  • Low renown players (<600) will receive periodic invitations to nearby tournaments by local lords seeking contestants.
  • Local nobles will call tournaments because of high prosperity (8% daily chance above 5000 prosperity). City folk need entertainment and they will dip into the clan coffers (2000 gold) to do this. Cities already hosting unresolved tournaments will not experience this. 
  • Faction leaders will call tournaments in their towns to celebrate peace agreements made with previously enemy factions.
  • Local nobles will call tournaments to celebrate the weddings of their lords.
  • Local nobles will call tournaments to celebrate the birth of their lord's children. 
  • All new tournaments will be communicated to the player either through the game log for less important tournaments or through the scroll thing that appears at the top of the screen for tournaments underlining more important events (Notifications can be disabled).
  • Disabled base game daily random tournament spawning (all tournament spawns are handled by triggers).
  • Ability to host tournaments in your owned towns: These cost 2000 gold and can only be hosted once a week.
  • In-game mod options menu (see MCM Integration below).


Recommended Installation

Use Vortex to install and enable this mod and all dependencies.

Manual Installation
Extract the downloaded .zip file to your Bannerlord Modules folder, which by default is located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\


Borderless Fullscreen
Is Bannerlord not using the entire screen in borderless window mode? This appears to be an issue with Bannerlord. To fix this:
  • Right click Bannerlord.exe and click Properties.
  • Click on Compatibility tab.
  • Click Change high DPI settings button.
  • Select Override high DPI scaling behavior.
  • Ensure Scaling performed by is set to Application.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 for TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe and/or any other launcher you use.

Known Compatibility Issues

  • Bannerlord Tweaks mod
  • Changing Hero Comes Of Age setting does not allow companions younger than 18 to join tournaments.
  • Renown Reward Tweak setting has no effect. Instead, use Tournaments Enhanced's Renown Reward setting.
  • Tournament tweaks don't work with the new Team Tournament game mode.
  • Tournament Fair Armour mod: Fully compatible.
  • Other tournament-related mods that change Bannerlord's tournament-related methods might have unexpected behaviors. For best results, load Tournaments Enhanced after other mods.

If you find another mod that isn't compatible, please let me know.

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Am I missing any great mods? Let me know!

Recommended Module Load Order

Mod Configuration Menu v4
MVMv4 MCMv3 Integration
MCMv4 ModLib v1/v13 Integration

SandBox Core
Custom Battle

[All other mods go here; see Recommended Mods above]
Tournaments Enhanced

Source Code
Mod source code available on GitHub. Thank you to FallenFromGr4ce for providing the original source code.

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