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Filter out useless information in Campaign Log.

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I don't Care!

I've made this mod after seeing how much useless (for me, at least) info is being displayed in Campaign log [the little one in bottom-left corner]. Who the hell cares about some Khuzait lord that was taken prisoner when you're a Vlandian vassal fighting Battanians, when none of those two are even close to Khuzait kingdom! I don't care about this!

So yes, it does exactly that. Mod basically checks what log is about, and filters it out depending on factions involved (or different settings, it's up to what you set). It basically checks if any of factions involved are allies or enemies to the player (or just player's faction). If it's true, the log is displayed so you actually get to know when your fellow vassal ButterLord is being demolished by your enemies, while you're not spammed about some Lady giving birth/Village being raided on the other side of the world!

Bannerlord before displaying a campaign log e.g.: "Lord_X was taken prisoner by Faction_Y" saves it in some log history. Most likely it's used for encyclopedia pages, and even though I do not care about them being displayed, I care about them being saved, because that info MIGHT prove useful. 

MCM Settings
- Default - default settings - filter by factions involved, explained in the description above
- Filter All - It blocks ALL the messages of that type, to get more info what type of message that is, hover over the setting name, the hint may help
- Filter Nothing - Same as above, but this time it doesn't filter anything. Those logs are completely ignored and passed freely
- Only Me - Will block all the logs that are not related directly to the player's character, that is - the log entry needs to include player's character in order to be displayed
- Only My Clan - As the name says - only logs related to the player character's clan
- Only My Kingdom - Same as above, but on the kingdom level. You don't need to be the king/queen, just being part of kingdom is enough (merc/lord). In case that player has no kingdom yet, it will work like Only My Clan setting.

Let the mod manager do it's magic. Just download through it and let it flooooow.

Download and unzip into main bannerlord folder. Be sure to have Required files installed! This version uses MCM so you can freely edit things

Mods that display their own informations - I have checked couple of them and it looks like the mod authors of those displayed info straight to user without using any system set up by Bannerlord devs. Unfortunately, if I was to add patches for those mods, I'd have to create a patch for each mod that displays the info. And if that mod changes that message in slightest, my filters won't catch it. Not really a generic way to approach this and I don't really want to spend days checking on each new mod that gets added.

I've used harmony to patch code related to displaying new log entries and events. Any other mod that touches that code (modders: visit source below) might just not fully work, depending on what it does. I tried to keep it compatible in a way that my mod will just ignore some new additions in the worst case.

If you happen to use mod that adds new factions/clans/whatever, the mod should also support them.

This mod can be freely and safely added/removed mid-game. It literally just blocks messages, so if something gets updated and mod starts crashing game, just remove it.