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This mod adds the gore aspect of dismemberment and decapitation to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Whenever a player or NPC does fatal cut damage to an enemy's head, arms, or legs by swinging left or right, there will be a chance for dismemberment.

Permissions and credits

DismembermentPlus is a standalone rework and expansion to the original concept mod Dismemberment by jedijosh920.

Special Note:
A lot of credit goes to jedijosh920 for his work on the original Dismemberment mod. Out of love for his mod and sadness that he no longer was updating it, I set out with the goal of fixing the Dismemberment mod to work with releases of the game after 1.4.1. I and others tried to contact him to garner his permission but all attempts were unsuccessful. I did some looking and I noticed other mods here being released with "Fixed" in the title. These mods were those whose creators no longer wanted to update their creations but members of the community took it upon themselves to keep the original creators creations alive.

So, I decided to take the next step. I download the code removed and updated the libraries and fixed the needed spots back into alignment. Full honor for the original concept and mod needs to me paid to jedijosh920. It was his baby. I just didn't want to see it thrown away and that is why I adopted it and gave it a new lease on life. If he or Nexus deem that I acted wrongly in anyway they can take this down and remove this mod.

That was how it began, but after that initial jump into the mod I decided to push it a bit further and see if I could add the elements that some in the comments threads had been asking for. This is the result. I am happy to bring you DismembermentPlus. Enjoy!!!!

Place "DismembermentPlus" folder in the "Modules" folder, then enable it in the launcher. You can change settings in ModOptions\DismembermentPlus menu while in game.

**** Dismemberment (Decapitation) occurs on a killing blow to the head or neck, damage type received must be of type "Cut"
**** Currently only able to make Head, Arm, Leg Dismemberments work.

  • Debug: (true/false), shows debug messages from development
  • Success Message: (true/false), turns off the red "DISMEMBERED!" message that occurs on a successful dismemberment.

  • AICanDismember: (true/false), controls the ability for AI to dismember other AI 
  • Slow Motion: (true/false), if slow motion mode is enabled when the player dismembers someone
  • Head Dismemberment - Enable/Disable Head Dismemberments
  • Arm Dismemberment - Enable/Disable Arm Dismemberments
  • Leg Dismemberment - Enable/Disable Leg Dismemberments

Dismemberment Chance:
  • When enabled, Dismemberment Realism is disabled. Dismemberments are based on set chance modifier. Any hit could trigger a dismemberment, if chance logic passes.
  • (HeadChance, ArmChance, LegChance)
  • Slider (1% - 100%)
Dismemberment Realism:
  • When enabled, Dismemberment Chance settings are disabled. Dismemberments are based on Weapon/Skill and damage dealt vs victim remaining health. Ex. (If your using a hatchet your chance of seeing a dismemberment is greatly diminished).