Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds a female/male version of male/female-only companions and allows you to configure the ratio of female/male companions created.

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Mixed Gender Companions

Adds 64 companions which have the same stats as the vanilla companions except they're the opposite gender. No more female-only Spicevendors or Wanderers, women can be "the Mad", etc.

I took some liberties for the names, inspired by their backstory, i.e the Slave = male version of She-Wolf, but they retain the same meaning.

Install with Vortex or unzip in the Modules folder, then enable it in your favorite launcher.

This mod uses MBOptionScreen, you can find the options in the "Mod Options" menu. They're rather straightforward at this point.

Compatible with mods that add companions.
Not compatible with mods that do the same thing.
Not compatible with mods that prevent the game from creating companions via UrbanCharactersCampaignBehavior' CreateCompanion.
Not compatible with Mixed Gender Troops version 0.10.1 (does the same thing)

Harmony id: tase.mgc.createcompanion
Purpose: Control which companions are created by the game
Target: UrbanCharactersCampaignBehavior's CreateCompanion(CharacterObject)
Type: Prefix
Conditions: Will not be prefixed if the mod is soft-disabled via the options, otherwise it will alter the companionTemplate parameter then let the original method execute.

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Uses MBOptionScreen for the options menu thing.