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MWSE-lua complete overhaul of alchemy system, providing it with immersive gameplay, better integration with other systems and sufficient depth and complexity to be interesting on its own.

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Morrowind alchemy system has great promise but not a very good realisation. Even after fixing the most obvious issues we end up with a simple mini-game which is neither properly integrated in the game, nor very interesting to play on its own. Self-made potions  are not recognised by scripts and dialogues, thus can't be used in quests. The variety of apparatuses doesn't play any significant role in the process and eventually got replaced by a singular alchemy table in Skyrim.


This mod is a complete overhaul of alchemy system, providing it with immersive gameplay, better integration with other systems and sufficient depth and complexity to be interesting on its own.

  • Alchemy in real time. Place the appararus in the game world and activate them. Doing alchemy takes time and you can set multiple apparatus work in parallel. Retorts and Calcinators have fire burning while they work, mortar and pestle have grinding animation, successful potion brewing leads to magical visual effect, corresponding to the effects of the potion.
  • Ingredient types. Ingredients are separated into soluble, poorly soluble and insoluble categories. Soluble can be directly used to brew potions. Poorly soluble (meat, hides, teeth, claws) initially have only their first effect available for potion making. Insoluble (rocks, ores, gems, metals) are initially inert for alchemy and can't be eaten.
  • Unique roles for apparatus. Every apparatus has its unique role and functionality. All of them are important and some alchemy can be done with any of them on their own.

  1. Mortar And Pestle are used for grinding poorly soluble and insoluble ingredients into dusts and powders allowing their effects to be used in potions. Ground insoluble ingridients can also be directly consumed
  2. Retort is used to brew potions from ingredients that have same effects similarly to vanilla alchemy. The number of different ingredients is capped at three. Potions made from three different ingredients with the same effect are stronger than with two
  3. Alembic is used to combine potions at least half of which effects are the same. You can choose whether the same effects will become stronger or weaker. It allows you to make stronger version of a potion from weaker ones. Or get a complex effect combination unaccessible with a retort.
  4. Calcinator is used to clear unwanted effects in a potion, decreasing their power and eventually getting rid of them for good. You can choose whether to clear negative or positive effects. 

  • Effect synergy. Some effect combinations have synergetic properties. Potions get 10% stronger for every such combination. You may find them by doing your own alchemical experiments, checking different effects and their combinations.
  • Creating pregenerated potions. Holding Ctrl, while pressing the Create button in the apparatus menu will decrese the power of the potion to the closest pregenerated one (bargain, cheap, standard, quality, exclusive). Such potions are naturally recognised by scripts and dialogues and thus can be used as solutions for multiple quests
  • Apparatus rebalance. Optional feature. Rebalances alchemical apparatus, so that every next level of quality is always 0.25 more than the previous, preventing the occasionaljumps inquality from vanilla
  • Apparatus set fix. Optional feature. Changes to meshes and icons of apparatus, ensuring that they properly correspond to their set.
  • Potion rebalance. Optional feature. Fixes some edge cases with pregenerated potions balance, related to effects with no duration or magnitude and a couple of others
  • Ingredient overhaul. Optional feature. Small changes to ingredient effects, unlocking some of the previously unaccessible effects for vanilla ingredients (shield, sanctuary, resist normal weapons) and improving lore consistency (netch leather being poisonous)

Compatibity and Recomendations

Alchemical Knowledge - incompatible, as Its functionality is already included in The Art of Alchemy. The transition from one mod to the other should be seamless, saving all you previous knowledge of ingredient effects.
Poison Crafting, Ket's Poison, Poison Redux-ion - compatible. You'll need only one of them for the ability to put the poison on your weapons. Potion and poison making mechanics is fully handled by the Art of Alchemy.
Magnitude of a Cure - compatible and recommended. Fixes poorly balanced cure effects giving them scaling.Borrowed Time - compatible and recommended. Makes fortify fatigue potions more useful.