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A modernized, visualized take on making and applying poisons (like Poison Crafting). Poisons now become part of the enchantment, as in Skyrim (I think, I haven't played in a while). A MWSE-Lua mod.

Permissions and credits
From the ReadMe, which you should just read: 

Poison Redux-ion aims to offer a modernized, plugin-less, fancier (but not, in any absolute sense, improved) take on Greatness7's old standby Poison Crafting. Instead of a little HUD Icon, Poison Redux-ion now inserts the potion's effects into the item's own enchantment, in a manner consistent with how Skyrim works (or at least with how I half-remember it working). In this way, one can have any number of poisoned weapons, all tracked separately and able to be used up in any order. Additionally, almost all features from Poison Crafting have been ported over into this mod, with the exception of enemies using poison."

Read the ReadMe for the details, I can't be bothered typing it all up again here.

Here are the Credits, because that's important:

Obviously, a giant thanks to Greatness7, without whose pioneering work this mod would never have been dreamt of, and without whom the code I blatantly copypasted would not exist.

Thanks to R-Zero, who if folder names are to be believed made the wonderful new icons etc. for potions from the original mod.

Thanks to Blobby/Safebox for creating Coloured Enchantments [], whose code (or at least some code I found on Discord that I think became this mod) was incorporated to make the enchantment swirl green.

Thanks to Nullcascade et al. for MWSE, and all the work put in to switch over to Sol3.

Thanks ahead of time to Sebastian Levy, with whom I briefly chatted about expanding MWSE's create capabilities (since this person made the current ones). If anyone is going to bring these functionalities to life, it will be this person. Please do not take this as any sort of impatience on my part; I simply wish to acknowledge the work of this individual whom I had never even heard of until recently, especially since this mod makes heavy use of tes3enchantment:create().

Thanks to the MMC for general help etc."

Finally, if anyone involved in anything related to this mod has a pemissions beef, come talk to me and we can work things out. I am happy to take this file down if need be, though the mods I used appear at least to have fully open permissions.