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Makes pearl diving more exciting by adding new varieties of pearls to find in your submarine travels! The different types of pearls vary in size, value, and weight. There is an optional expansion to add colored pearls which have unique alchemical properties.

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This mod is no longer supported. Please download Lustrous Pearls.

Pearls Enhanced
by Melchior Dahrk

Makes pearl diving more exciting by adding nine new varieties of pearls to find in your submarine travels! Now when you open up various kollops you have a chance to find one of the 7 new qualities of pearls or 1 of 2 rare types. The qualities of pearls are: Grand, Flawless, Bright, Common, Dull, Flawed, and Defective. There is also a chance you will find two rare types of pearls: Black Pearls and Pink Pearls. The different types of pearls vary in size, value, and weight as well. So when you organize them on your shelves you will automatically have various sizes to look at. Happy Diving!

Also, now all of the pearls have unique icons for every type! So you can tell what type you found just by looking at it. And there are three new textures: black and pink pearls have their own textures and then the rest of the textures use a new normal pearl texture made by Arkeyla.

Colored Pearls Add-On

This expansion to Pearls Enhanced brings up the total new pearl count to 44! The new colored pearls are all done by Arkeyla, I simply applied her textures to the mesh and placed them in the leveled list. The new shades you can find are Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, and Red. Each of the new colors vary in size, value, and weight like the pearls in the non-colored version. But in addition to those variations, the colored pearls also have slightly different alchemical properties from their non-colored counterparts and each other. I want to mention that these new colors are textured very subtely so even purists such as myself won't find them distracting. They are perfectly fit to rest on anyone's treasure shelf.

Recommended Mods
Yet Another Herbalism Mod by hollaajith

Pearls enhanced conflicts with a lot of herbalism mods because they bypass the leveled lists and container menus. hollaajith's mod is an exception because it still shows the container menu while still including the picked models added by Graphic Herbalism. Therefore, I recommend using his mod with Pearls Enhanced because it is automatically compatible with PE; no patches necessary!

You can download YAHM here at the Nexus: