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OpenMW-friendly alchemy rebalance. Features toxicity mechanics, prevents common exploits and scales down effects of many overpowered potions. Fully modular, compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt.

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Alchemy is clearly messed up in vanilla Morrowind. It is a true Pandora's box when it comes to breaking the game. You can easily create overpowered potions that last weeks or drink 50 bottles of Sujamma and kill virtually any enemy in the game at level 1. There are some fantastic mods that address these issues, however, most of them require MWSE and don't work with OpenMW, which I personally use. So I decided to create an alchemy rebalance mod that would integrate seamlessly into the game and be a viable alternative for OpenMW users.


Toxicity module

Drinking more than one potion at once results in toxicity that affects your health. You have to wait some time before drinking another potion to avoid it. The toxic effect is cumulative, meaning that every other potion you drink without the "cool-down" will inflict more damage. So if you still want to exploit the game, make sure you are well-prepared.

Options to choose from:

  1. "Default" version (potions drunk in a row deal progressive damage based on your maximum health)
  2. "Hard" version (as above but the "cool-down" is longer and the 5th potion in a row always kills you — good luck)
  3. "Spell effect" version (instead of a scripted % health damage, toxicity is a Damage Health spell effect of a constant magnitude)

GMSTs module

Self-made potions are slightly weaker and have decreased duration.

Potions module

Restore Health/Fatigue/Magicka potions provide weaker, but longer effects, while beverages have been nerfed by around 50%.

Ingredients module

All instances of Fortify Intelligence & Fortify Luck have been changed to Restore Intelligence & Restore Luck, respectively. It prevents most common alchemy exploits by making it impossible to brew potions that fortify either intelligence or luck.

Magic module

Drain Skill, Damage Skill, Absorb Skill, Fortify Skill & Restore Skill are disabled from spellmaking & enchanting, also preventing common alchemy exploits. Most scrolls with beneficial effects have been modified to match potions of comparable price in terms of strength.

Tamriel Rebuilt add-on

An extra add-on that applies changes mentioned above to ingredients & beverages shipped with Tamriel Rebuilt.

See readme for details.


Alchemical Hustle is compatible with:

  • anything that doesn't directly change the items/settings modified by this mod
  • Patch for Purists (no dependency, all appropriate changes from PfP have been incorporated)
  • Tamriel Rebuilt (newest release, v. 22.11)
  • OpenMW

This mod has been checked & cleaned with Enchanted Editor.