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Makes weapon ranges more realistic, rebalances weaponry from expansions, adjusts stats of many weapon types and adds some dynamics to the combat system. Compatible with OpenMW, Tamriel Rebuilt, GDR, SSE, MDMD. Part of May Modathon Month 2022.

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To put it gently, Morrowind isn't the most balanced game of all times. For unknown reasons Bethesda decided that beating the air with your bare fists will reach the enemy as easily as attacking with a battle axe and that random goblin clubs are better than rare daedric maces. This mod fixes these problems by making weapon ranges more realistic, rebalancing some clearly over-the-top equipment from expansions and adjusting stats of other weapons accordingly. It also provides some additional combat improvements. Covers Tamriel Rebuilt and other mods, works with OpenMW.


Weapon ranges

In Morrowind the reach of almost all weapons is 1.0 (around 6 feet). There are some exceptions to this rule, but with the vast majority of weapons you'll reach the opponent from exactly the same distance. That's why I decided to make weapon ranges more diverse and realistic by adjusting them to every weapon's length. The final ranges I came up with are the following:

  • Hand-to-hand: 0.5
  • One-handed maces: 0.55
  • One-handed axes: 0.59
  • Short blades: 0.6
  • Two-handed axes: 0.79
  • Two-handed hammers: 0.89
  • Long blades: 0.97
  • Staves: 1.52
  • Two-handed swords: 1.54
  • Spears: 1.60

Weaponry from expansions

In vanilla most weapon stats follow a coherent pattern of increased power and price, depending on the material they are made of. However, Tribunal and Bloodmoon threw this logic out of the window, making many weapon types feel out of place when compared to the base game gear. Now all expansion weapons are in line with those found in vanilla.

Other weapon tweaks

After having adjusted weapon ranges and rebalanced equipment from expansions, I found out that a lot of weaponry still needed additional tweaks:

  • Bound weapons: using bound weapons is almost cheating, since they are as powerful as the best items in the game. Now they all deal less damage than their Daedric counterparts.

  • Misassigned weapon flags: there are many inconsistencies regarding silver weapon/ignores normal weapon resistance flags. Now all silver weapons are marked as such and all magic weapons bypass normal weapon resistance.

General weapon stats

Finally, I realized that long blades are disproportionally powerful in comparison with other weapons. I decided to fix this by providing every weapon type with a unique advantage in combat:

  • One-handed axes: deal the highest max chop damage among all one-handed weapons
  • One-handed maces: deal increased chop/slash damage
  • Staves: have by far the highest enchant capacity of all weapons
  • Spears: deal the highest thrusting damage among all weapons and are faster
  • Halberds: deal chop/slash damage comparable to axes and are heavier

Combat dynamics

In Morrowind enemies tend to be pretty static during combat and pause between attacks. I included an additional plug-in that makes creatures and NPCs attack ~40% more frequently during combat.


WoRR is compatible with everything that doesn't directly touch weapon stats or modify the same combat GMSTs. It should also be compatible with any texture/mesh weapon replacements.

WoRR is compatible (but not dependent on) Patch for Purists (PfP). All appropriate changes from PfP have been incorporated.

WoRR includes compatibility patches for:

This mod has been checked & cleaned with Enchanted Editor.


  • Tribunal
  • Bloodmoon
  • Tamriel Data & Tamriel Rebuilt (v. 21.01) for the TR add-on
  • Greater Dwemer Ruins for the GDR patch
  • Sotha Sil Expanded for the SSE patch
  • More Deadly Morrowind Denizens for the MDMD patch
  • OpenMW (or MCP)


To install the mod just put the files from the "Main" folder into the Morrowind Data Files directory or use your mod manager of choice. For OpenMW users follow the guidelines outlined here. If you play TR, GDR, SSE or MDMD, also put the files from the "Patches" folder into the Morrowind Data Files directory. Make sure you have installed the original mods. I recommend loading WoRR at the very end of your mod list.


Bethesda for creating one of the best games of all times.


Do whatever you want, just credit me. It's always nice.