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Rescue a slave and help him reach Old Ebonheart.

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This short adventure is designed to give your character a natural story-based reason to leave Vvardenfel and travel to one of the cities of Tamriel Rebuilt.

To start, go to Addamasartus (even if it's already cleared). It is a dungeon near Seyda Neen. You can start the quest at any point of your playthrough.

This mod also introduces a non-vanilla form of Khajiit, the Suthay. They have human-like feet and are generally smaller than the vanilla Suthay-raht. You can play as one of these using the Tamriel Unlimited plugin from here: M'Aiq on the Mainland and other mods.

Tips (spoiler alert):
- the Khajiit is in the slaves' cell.
- There's an extra Addamasartus slaves key under a blueware bowl on a crate near the fur boots.
- You need at least 100 drakes to finish the quest.
- Use a shipmaster in Vivec to go to Old Ebonheart.
- Go to either Hostel of Stendarr's Mercy (middle of the Merchants' Street) or the Elsweyr Mission (the furthest corner of the Ebon Tower courtyard) to finish the quest. Dra'Vashai will give you a city guide.
- At any point, before reaching Old Ebonheart you can ask Dra'Vashai to return to Arrille's Tradehouse.

- Vennin's Addamasartus Overhaul creates a new version of the dungeon in the same cell alongside the vanilla one. I don't really have the skill right now to create a workaround for this, I'm sorry.

Any bugreports are welcome!

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Thank you
To the members of Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel for teaching me, testing the mod, proofreading chunks of the text, and giving me precious pieces of advice. And for creating their beautiful mods of course!