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Modified version of True Lights and Darkness that reverts some of TLAD's more radical color changes, removes the flicker effect from most lights, plus a few other changes. Includes MWSE mod implementing light source changes, plus modular plugins for lights and interior daylight.

Permissions and credits
True Lights and Darkness - Necro Edit
This mod is a version of True Lights and Darkness that makes a number of changes in line with my preferences.
There are three directories in the archive: one for the full mod, one containing a number of modular plugins, and one containing an MWSE implementation of the mod's light source edits.
Full Mod
The "full mod" directory contains two plugins, both of which are "still" versions of TLAD. This means that they remove the flicker effect from many lights. (Specifically, the flicker effect is removed from every light that Di.still.ed Lights makes that change to; see the "details" document in the archive for a list of these lights.) Most lights except fires and torches are now still (do not flicker).
Both of these plugins are based on the 1.1 version of TLAD, and include TLAD's interior daylight.
The "Original Colors" plugin retains TLAD's original colors, while the "Necro Colors" plugin makes a number of additional changes. These changes are summarized below:
1. Reverted some of the original TLAD's more radical light color changes back to vanilla colors. This is the biggest change in this version. I left minor color tweaks alone, along with changes to *lightness* that don't significantly change the hue (e.g. all three color values are similarly reduced, making the color "darker" but a similar hue). Only the more significant or radical light hue changes are reverted. (Light radius and other values remain unchanged from the original TLAD.)
2. Removed color words from light names. For example, "Candlestick Brass Blue" was changed to "Candlestick Brass". TLAD's other changes to light names (e.g. its changes to word order for better inventory sorting, plus qualifiers such as "Poor" and "High Quality") are left unchanged.
3. Incorporated a few fixes from Patch for Purists. These mostly consist of removing the "illegal to sleep here" flag from cells that it should be legal to sleep in, but also include increasing fog density in one cell to avoid the fog bug, and a minor formatting change to the name of a couple lights.
4. Re-added a script that was added by Tribunal to one light source but removed by the original TLAD.
5. Deleted references to three vanilla light sources that there was no point in editing (all zero color values, or a practically zero radius).
6. Deleted all cell reference changes other than the interior daylight additions. These mostly consisted of light sources being removed, added or moved around, along with a few other edits that were probably accidental.
7. Deleted references to a number of cells entirely. These include exterior cells, cells added by mods, cells with no ambient light value changes, and a test cell.
8. Deleted one of the interior daylight light sources and its associated script that were only used in one of the mod-added cells removed in this version.
The "Necro Colors" plugin contains only TLAD's (modified) light source edits, its ambient light edits to interior cells, and its interior daylight. The archive contains a "details" file listing in greater detail all changes made in this version relative to the original TLAD.
Modular Plugins
The archive also contains a number of modular plugins. "TLAD Daylight" contains only TLAD's interior daylight, without any other edits, with the "No Vivec Plazas" version omitting references to the plazas in Vivec, for users of Glass Domes of Vivec. The "TLAD Lights" plugins contain only the light sources, without the interior daylight or any cell edits.
There are four "TLAD Lights" plugins. Two of these are labeled "Still," which means they remove the flicker effect from many lights, just like the full versions of the mod do.
The other two are labeled "Logical Flicker." In these plugins, the flicker effect is applied in a more consistent manner. Lights with a visible flame are set to "flicker slow," while fire-based lights without a visible flame have the flicker effect disabled. The flicker effect has also been disabled for the lava lights, while it has not been changed for most other lights.
Thanks for AetherSeraph9 for doing the work on the flicker effect for these plugins! See the "details" document in the archive for a list of lights in these plugins with the flicker effect changed, compared to the "Still" plugins.
There are two versions each of the "Still" and "Logical Flicker" modular plugins, one with TLAD's original colors, and one with my toned down color values.
The modular plugins are intended to be used alongside Let There Be Darkness (which includes an option for TLAD ambient light values), but they can also be used along with a different lighting mod (whichever "TLAD Lights" plugin you use would need to load after the other lighting mod).

MWSE Lights

Also included is a highly customizable MWSE mod implementing TLAD's light source changes. There are options in the Mod Config Menu for vanilla, TLAD, Necro edit and logical flicker light settings.
All light attributes modified by TLAD are also modified by this MWSE version. These include: radius, time, color, name, weight, value, flicker settings, and the "dynamic" and "off by default" flags.
Each attribute is individually customizable in the MCM. So, for example, you could choose to have TLAD radius and time values, Necro edit light colors and names, flicker settings from AetherSeraph9's logical flicker version, and vanilla weight and value settings.
This MWSE implementation is basically a more complete and customizable version of the TLAD light source overrides in Let There Be Darkness, and it's designed to work well with LTBD. Just disable LTBD's light source overrides to ensure there's no conflict. (You can still disable negative lights, lights without a mesh, and/or flicker with LTBD.)
Since LTBD includes overrides for TLAD's ambient lighting values (which are highly recommended to be used with this mod), the only portion of TLAD that is not yet implemented in MWSE is the interior daylight. If you want TLAD's interior daylight (also highly recommended), you'll need to use one of the modular plugins for it.
Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the plugin(s) of your choice and/or the MWSE directory to your Data Files directory and select the plugin(s) in the Morrowind Launcher.

You might want to use one of the TLAD Daylight plugins along with one of the TLAD Lights plugins, but otherwise use only one of the included plugins. You can also use either TLAD Daylight plugin alongside the MWSE Lights mod.
Like the original TLAD, most of the plugins in this archive require Tribunal and Bloodmoon. The "TLAD Daylight" plugins require only Morrowind. The included MWSE mod requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build.
TLAD's original readme (which is included in the archive) recommends editing your Morrowind.ini with the following lighting settings:
You should totally do that. (Unless you're using MGE XE's per pixel lighting, in which case there's no point in using linear lights.)
Version History
Version 3.0.1 - 2020-10-16
   - Added alternate version of TLAD Daylight plugin omitting edits to Vivec's plazas, for users of Glass Domes of Vivec.

Version 3.0 - 2020-08-13
   - Added a highly customizable MWSE mod implementing TLAD's light source changes, as an alternative to the TLAD Lights modular plugins.
   - Choose between vanilla, TLAD, Necro edit and logical flicker settings for each attribute (radius, time, color, etc.) individually, with no plugin required.

Version 2.0.2 - 2020-06-18
   - Added two more modular plugins with lights only, with the flicker effect applied in a more consistent manner. Thanks to AetherSeraph9!
   - Removed the "Lights and Daylight" plugins, to reduce the number of plugins I have to maintain.
   - Renamed plugin files to make what they do more obvious.
Version 2.0.1 - 2020-06-10
   - Added modular plugins for light sources only and lights plus interior daylight, based on the Still Edit version with TLAD's original colors.
Version 2.0 - 2020-05-07
   - Created new "Necro Edit" plugin with the following additional changes:
      - Reverted TLAD's more radical light color changes to vanilla colors.
      - Removed colors from light names.
      - Incorporated fixes from Patch for Purists.
      - Restored script added by Tribunal to a light source.
      - Deleted all cell reference edits other than interior daylight.
      - Deleted unnecessary edits.
   - Added modular plugins for light sources, interior daylight, and both.
   - Renamed mod because it does more than just still the lights now.
Version 1.0 - 2019-08-02
   - Initial release.
True Lights and Darkness includes the work of B00ze, Cool Demon and Byblos.
Also thanks to AetherSeraph9 for all their work on making the flicker effect apply more consistently.

Much thanks also to RedFurryDemon for the scripts I modified to extract all the light source data for the MWSE version, plus for Let There Be Darkness, which is just great in general.
Feel free to contact me on the Nexus with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.
You can use this however you want, as long as you credit TLAD's original creators.