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Part of the May Modathon Month!

My first ever Morrowind mod! This represents what I could acheive in about 3 weeks since first ever opening the CS. If you have ever contributed to the Morrowind community in any way consider this mod as a thank you from me for keeping the world of Morrowind alive.

Contains 9 NPC's, many with custom dialogs and backstories.
Currently uses only vanilla assets, bloodmoon and tribunal required.
This was made with my personal existing graphics set up and replacers, and all screenshots are taken on my heavily modded setup.
Please tell me of any issues or bugs, comments or criticisms are appreciated!
May conflict if a mod changes something on the very same location, but should be compatible with anything else.

I have so many buzzing ideas on how to take this further, but I discovered writing takes more time and is more difficult than I would have initially thought, so I will release it as a simple immersive(hopefully!) location and let my quest and story ideas stew for a while.

Thank you all!