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Morrowind Septim Coin Gold Replacer now With Dumacs (Dwemer Coins)

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The Elder Scrolls III
Morrowind Septim Gold Coin Replacer v7.5
Now with Dumacs

by StaticNation

1. About this mod
2. Installation
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Save Games
5. Credits & Usage

This Mod replaces the gold coins in Morrowind with the Coin with 2k High-def Textures based on actual photos of a collectors edition coin. Using Hendalfs excelent coin mesh with gold shader. With Version 3.0 Dumacs (Dwemer Coins were imported from InsanitySorrow's work) and The Lucky Coin is FINALLY covered by this mod! In 4.0 Per Pixel Lighting was fixed on the Dwemer Dumac coin thanks to Remiros. v5.0
Thinner realisiticly stacked coins, nativly pluginless, use the esp if you want name changes/override another mod that edits gold, NonShiny (OpenMW) meshes available, White Dwemer coin texture, fixed the dwemer coin z pos so it sits on things not in them. v6.0 brings lavender dumacs makes pluginless default with the esp version in optional. Adds icons for alternate color dumacs. vtastek helped with getting a new gold shine shader that will work better with his lighting mod (b23) and the textures were editied too remove highlights that caused issues. 100 coin stack has been raised as I found it 1 coin below z 0.

7.0 Whats New

Bump and Gloss maps applied to the mesh for a much better more subtle shine on the coins that doesnt look radioactive. Qwertyquit also contributed a rough reskin option (I havent gloss or bumped these but may in a future update). 7.5 smaller scaled dumac coins.

To install the plugin, unpack the files in your Data Files folder.
Check the plugin and away you go
4. Save Games
This plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. But it never hurts to backup your saved games files.
If you want to get rid of it, just delete the relevant esp and folders.
5. Credits & Usage
- Original Coin Meshes - Hendalf (original no longer used)
- Stacked Coin Meshes - Zobator(original no longer used)
- Thinner Stacked Coin Meshes + Gloss/Bumps - StaticNation
- Thinner Stacked Coin Meshes (No Shine for OpenMW) - StaticNation (optional)
- Gold Shader Texture - vtastek
- Top, Side, Bottom Textures - StaticNation, Vtastek edited side for better color balance with shader and lighting
- Dwemer Coin Textures - InsanitySorrow
- White Dwemer Coin Textures - StaticNation (optional texture based off insanitys)
- Original Dwemer Mesh - InsanitySorrow
- Editied Dwemer Mesh for Import - StaticNation
- Fixed PPL for Dwemer Mesh - Remiros
- Fixed Z pos on Dwemer Mesh - StaticNation
- Gloss, Bump maps - StaticNation (With Thanks to vtastek and EJ-12 for guidance on getting these working)
- Rough Septim Texture Option - qwertquit
- ESP work - StaticNation

You have permission to use this mod in your work/reupload original/make edits
as long as you contact me and get a reply before publishing (or a reasonable amount of time has passed without reply, 24-48hr (basically give me time too reply))
This original readme are included with your mod
You clearly post ALL the credits on your upload page, and you link the original mod page.
The most current version of the readme will be on the mods nexus page
all permissions are retroactive.
I reserve the right to apply further restrictions as I see necessary.

If you have a reason to contact me, you can do it at [email protected]
staticnation on nexus
or @static#4949 @

Now, go play ;-)

Name Changes

Drakes - Dumacs
Drake - Dumac
Septims - Dumacs
Septim - Dumac

Only ONE plugin. Use this Instead of Original for name change not both.


The Esp was renamed to v5 but unchanged since last version, this is to keep track of version, you can use previous versions (3.7) esp


Darkfri's various little mods and patches Gold and Dwemer Dumacs PatchesReplace the vanilla golds includes in some mods meshes with those from Septim Gold and Dwemer Dumacs:
- Animated Morrowind
- Hold It
- Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell
- Passage of Prayers - High Fane Corridor Overhaul