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No Rest Without Beds prevents the player from resting unless they activate a bed. Lightweight MWSE Lua script for compatibility and no esp or game cell edits.

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No Rest Without Beds

This mod prevents the player from being able to Rest without using a bed. This encourages the player to utilize magic/potions/abilities to restore health or magicka, and makes renting rooms at inns more useful, especially when combined with a needs mod that requires the player to sleep.


  • Uses a single MWSE lua script and does not edit any cells or game scripts for full compatibility

  • Safe to install/remove from existing games

An MCM is provided with the following options:

  • Toggle the mod on/off at any time
  • Rest allowed in interior cells only
  • Allow rest in interior cells without a bed provided it's not illegal (caves, ruins, etc.)

Requires MWSE 2.1 and MGE-XE 0.10.0+ 

Recommended Mods

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Descriptive Shrines - Healing version by SuperQuail
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