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Mostly deprecated by Facelift. Some files can still be useful, So I'll leave this up for now. Storage for some face modules.
Face Textures, Hair Meshes, Resources, Normals for Mackom, Vanilla, Westly.

Permissions and credits
Mostly deprecated by Facelift. Some files can still be useful, So I'll leave this up for now.

Storage for some face modules.
Normals: Westly, Mackom, Vanilla + Expansions
Vanilla + Expansions: FUT 2
Tamriel Rebuilt + Project Tamriel
Testing smoothed hairs, See facelift for faces.
Texture Resources - needs to be renamed and compressed to dds.

Recommended Install:
  • FUT_2: Has all hair and heads, some creatures' hair and heads, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • FUT_2_normals: Has all the normal maps.

Compare Between Intelligent Textures and FUT2 (Since IT is the best vanilla default):
face 1 (with hair change)
face 2
Master Compare Image OLD, I'll get new pictures later ^tm:
face 1
face 2
Options HEADS:-
Options OLD:
  • Hair: Uses cleaned textures.
  • Hair_Normals: Some normals for openMW. Comes from Hair.
  • Expansions: Expansions faces and hairs.
  • FULL: Original
  • FULL_2: Includes all Faces. Uses uncompressed textures recommended by PoodleSandwich2.
  • Face-Ality: The "safe" all faces version. Uses a 4x model instead of 8x.
  • FULL_Normals: Some normals for openMW. Made from the Face-Ality version.
To do:
  • Redo with different denoise models.
  • Denoise: BC1NoiseAgressiveTake3
  • Denoise: BC1smooth2
  • Upscale: TGHQFaces8x
  • Upscale NM: Face-Ality V1
Normal Map:
  1. Convert to Black and White.
  2. Use Intel Normal Map generator in Photoshop @ 
  • blur: 0
  • detail scale: 15
  • contrast: low=medium=high=20
Required Settings in OpenMW for normals, add these lines to your "Documents\My Games\OpenMW\settings.cfg":

auto use object normal maps = true
auto use object specular maps = true
normal map pattern = _n
normal height map pattern = _nh
specular map pattern = _spec
terrain specular map pattern = _diffusespec
xinntao; ESRGAN
Honh; image enhancing utility
Alsa; BC1NoiseAgressiveTake3
BlueAmulet; BC1smooth2
Torrentguy; TGHQFaces8x
Twittman; Face-Ality V1
Game Upscale Discord and Wiki
nihui; realsr ncnn vulkan
Westly; Westly's Pluginless Head and Hair Replacer
Sigourn; Morrowind Uncompressed Vanilla Textures
MacKom WeyardReturns MrMagic Borok Westly; Races Redone
Cross-Project Coordination Team; Tamriel_Data 
Do whatever as long as you credit my credits above. Feel free to use a resource.