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Pacifies pets (Tribunal and mod-added) that are not meant to fight.

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Now includes Lucevar Companion by Safebox
Added pets from Friends and Frens

A lightweight MWSE mod that prevents pets from entering combat.

Long story...
I love Paxon, but I could not shake the feeling that HE was the hero of the game, saving my live countless times.
NullCascade was kind enough to whip up a script that pacifies Paxon. Paxon is Paxon with all his features, but he never enters combat: he does not save the day, he does not tank, he does not die (due to combat injuries).
I since added popular pet companions to the script. They are pack animals and cute scribs, cats and dogs.

Short story...
Tribunal pets (rat, packrat and scrib) do not enter combat anymore. Pets from the mods below IF you have them installed will also be pacified.

To clarify: this mod does NOT add any pet, beast companions meant to fight alongside you are left alone.

Use your favourite mod installer or manually drop the MWSE folder in your data files folder.

Thanks to the magic of MWSE/lua, this mod supports all the companion pets listed above IF you have them. The pet companion mods listed above are NOT requirements.
Don't look for an esp to activate, there isn't any.

You can easily remove or add pets by editing main.lua in the PacificPets folder.

NullCascade who basically did it all by supplying the original script
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set