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Participate in the challenge of Hircine and hunt down his three aspects.

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VSW Anthology version updated to latest TOTSP master

Hircine’s Quest will take you on a hunt around Solstheim, where you would have to defeat three creatures that each represent one of the properties of a great hunter, according to Hircine.

The three aspects that you will need to defeat:

Uricanbeg the Great Dark Stag: “He comes to mate with hinds, or may transform a woman into one for the same purpose. He may also arrive to cull the herd of the weak. His hooves drum the Blood Summons that lure prey into his herd, which are then led into the Hunting Grounds where they meet their end. Some of his offspring have granted some people the honor to use them as mounts.”

Hrokkibeg the Mighty Bear: “He embodies strength and the Totem of Claw and Fang. He comes to seek solitude, peace from labors, and renewal of the Burning Spirit Within.”
Storihbeg the Skinchanger: The wolf aspect who brings the skinshifters to hunt on Nirn. His howl is said to be capable of freezing your innards.

If you manage to defeat each of these creatures, you may receive their blessings, and if you manage to defeat them all, you may receive a unique reward at the end from Hircine too!

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Version 1.0:
Original release
Version 1.1:
VSW Anthology version

Danae & AliceL93 – Creators of this mod
Sabergirl for Deer creature from Solstheim Ecology mod
Kartikeya for the Fox Creature 
Grumpy and Emma Beast Companion script and dialogues based on Spot, the Wolf Companion
RedFurryDemon for the VSW Anthology patch
DarkElfGuy for running the Morrowind Modjam event
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set