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According to Ashlander dialogue, the Valley of the Wind is rarely travelled because the spirits there are restless. This mod adds haunting sound effects and removes fences from the Valley of the Wind, because really - who would bother to put them there?

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Valley of the Wind Unfenced
by Lucevar

We stay away from the valley; the winds howl, and the spirits are always awake.

According to Ashlander dialogue, their scouting parties avoid the Valley of the Wind, favouring the nearby Dry Camp Valley instead. And yet, there are fences in the Valley of the Wind. Why? Who would bother to make them - and maintain them, because those things have got to fall over a lot? The Valley is uninhabited and in the middle of nowhere. The Ashlanders avoid this place, and can you see the Telvanni or the nearby cultists bothering to build fences? Nah.

So I removed the fences. 

I also added some sound effects that trigger as you travel through the valley. Now you'll hear the howling winds and restless spirits the Ashlanders speak of.

It's a very simple mod, and should be compatible with everything, including Leyawynn's Valley of the Wind Overhaul, Melchior Dahrk's The Dream is the Door, Markond's Eye of the Needle, and Aoimevelho's Cavern of the Incarnate Overhaul.

If you use Merlord's Ashfall, consider getting RandomPal's More Believable Bandit Camps Addon for Ashfall, which slightly expands the Ashlander camp in the nearby Dry Camp Valley.