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Makes the rock spire over the Cavern of the Incarnate a landmark visible from miles away.

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For my first few playthroughs of Morrowind I could never find the Cavern of the Incarnate. The Eye of the Needle; supposedly visible for miles around, is a barely noticeable hill amongst other completely nondescript hills and mountains. Even now I can only find the place because I know where it is.

My solution is to make it an actually noticeable landmark, probably the tallest rock spire in the northern Ashlands.


The landscape has been left entirely untouched, only a handful of rocks added to make the eye of the needle considerably taller. Should work with nearly anything in and around the Cavern of the Incarnate/Valley of the Wind.
Tested with:
Mountainous Red Mountain - Non Pointy which does something similar but nowhere near as tall. My spire and their spire fit together without conflicts.
Vurts Ashland Overhaul works without issue.
Taddeus' On the Rocks - Lite This mod was made with these rocks installed, other replacers or vanilla might not look right but this remains untested.