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Added: 13/07/2006 - 07:04PM
Updated: 01/03/2009 - 07:46AM

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MGE is a project the wrap the various DirectX dlls used by morrowind. Despite it's name, it wraps the input dlls as well as graphics. It also interfaces with MWSE to make even more functions available to modders. A partial list of the current features includes:

> Adds an oblivion style distant land feature, including distant statics and reflective water.
> Adds a semi-faked HDR effect.
> Allows morrowind to make use of the graphics drivers 'application preference' setting for antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and vWait, mipmap detail, refresh rate, etc.
> Allows global render state changes, such as disabling or enabling fog etc.
> Lets you change morrowinds screen resolution to non 4:3 values.
> Fixes the white loading screens you get when trying to use antialiasing.
> Adds fullscreen, customizable hardware and software shaders, up to 32 of which can be run at once.
> Lets you take screenshots even when antialiasing is enabled, and in any of 6 different formats (bmp, jpeg, dds and png)
> Lets you use different fogging modes. (Including the more accurate ranged vertex mode)

> 14 different types of macro that can be attached to any key, including entering console commands, changing MGE graphics settings on the fly, and remapping any normally unmappable morrowind controls.
> Time based triggers, which can be set to push keys after set periods of time. Useful for automatic saving.
> All macros can also use up to 8 mouse buttons as if they were keyboard keys. Macros can also be bound to the mouse wheel.
> Lets you skip the opening movie and disable the console.
> Lets you use daggerfall style combat controls, where you move the mouse back and for to swing your weapon.

> Allows scripts to change global graphics settings, including specular highlighting, fogging, shading model etc.
> Allows scripts to load and set fullscreen shaders
> Allows scripts to change fog density, zoom, screen rotation etc.
> Allows scripts to load .x files, and then position, texture, and apply vertex/pixel shaders to the loaded mesh.
> Gives scripts control over the players input. You can disable individual keys, force key presses etc.
> Lets scripts add extra bits of HUD.
> Gives scripts control over the colour of fog, the background, sky, sunlight and a few other global colours.
> Lets modders attach shaders to ingame morrowind objects, so that effects such as bump mapping can be applied.

> Provides an inbuilt shader editor to aid in writing your own fullscreen shaders, as well as many example shaders.
> Includes a feature to prevent morrowind hogging 100% of your cpu time.
> Priveds a utility to generate heightmaps and low details textures and meshes of your installed plugins, for use with the distant land feature.