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A combination of 20 of my previous mods from the vanilla quest tweaks/RP choices/consequences category.

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Somebody requested that I combine all my mods that modify vanilla quests in any way (such as adding RP options or visible consequences) into one plugin. So here it is, 20 of my previous mods combined into one. My New Year gift for you.

The bundle has been cleaned with TESAME, there are no known bugs, and it should be compatible with pretty much everything, including Morrowind Rebirth.

Mods included in this bundle:
(The pages of the individual mods are linked, in case you only want some of the features or if you need more info about something.)

Morrowind - Immanuel Kant Edition

Provides several RP choices in dialogue for an honest character, who would never lie.

Libertarian Magical Services

The Telvanni quest, "Mages Guild Monopoly" will have consequences, if you successfully complete it. New Telvanni and independent mages will appear in Redoran territory, and the people will talk about the changes that occurred.

The Corpse and the Skooma Pipe Overhaul

This little mod overhauls the vanilla quest "The Corpse and the Skooma Pipe." There will be several new choices the player can take and also several consequences.

Oath to Saint Roris Instead

Adds the opportunity for those who roleplay a Tribunal Temple faithful to swear an oath to Saint Roris instead of Zenithar in certain quests.

Redoran Founder's Helm Add-on - Honor the Ancestors

A small add-on for the official Redoran quest "Founder's Helm." Now you have the opportunity to actually return the helm to the ancestral tomb it originally belonged to.

Hentus Needs Pants Overhaul

Adds further options to complete the vanilla quest "Hentus Needs Pants."

A Cure for Vampirism - Skink's Solution

If you completed Skink-in-Tree's-Shade's quest regarding Galur Rithari's papers, he won't act ignorant when asked about the cure for vampirism later.

Champion of Clutter

Makes "Champion of Clutter" an actual title to... clutter your character sheet. Your title can also be abolished if you refuse to help the one who gave it to you.

Thelas' Pillows Overhaul

Overhauls the vanilla quest, Thelas' Pillows, with bugfixes, new options, and other things.

Duel of Honor - Improve the Chances

Improve Rothis Nethan's chance in his duel by giving him a glass netch dagger.

The Frostmoth Smugglers - Properly Rewarded

Makes Captain Carius reward you properly for taking care of the smugglers, when he returns to Fort Frostmoth from Mortrag Glacier.

Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House Overhaul

Provides a pacifist method for completing the vanilla quest, Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House.

Mods added in version 2.0:

---- Immersive Neloth Reward:

Makes Neloth's reward for retrieving the Robe of the Drake's Pride more immersive. Also provides some additional tweaks for that quest.

---- Therana vs. Trerayna:

An alternative solution for the "A Bounty for Trerayna Dalen" quest: side with Trerayna instead of Therana.

---- Teach Nels Llendo a Lesson

Adds a new option for dealing with Nels Llendo. Teach him a lesson without killing him.

---- Hiring Guards for the Redoran Stronghold - Honorable Solution

Provides an honorable solution for hiring the Fighters' Guild for protecting the Redoran Stronghold - actually paying for their services instead of participating in a jailbreak.

---- Pacifist Options - When it Makes Sense

Provides you pacifist options to complete several quests in vanilla Morrowind - provided that it would make sense that such an option would exist.

---- Harvest's End Festival

The Harvest's End Festival will take place in Ebonheart!

---- Fort Moonmoth Fundraiser Dinner

Makes the fundraiser dinner at Fort Moonmoth actually take place.

---- Fargoth in Distress

This simple mod lets you become the knight of Fargoth and end his persecution by Hrisskar.