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Provides a pacifist method for completing the vanilla quest, Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House.

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The vanilla quest, Strange Man at Gindrala Hleran's House, is about a Sixth House cultist occupying a Dunmer woman's house. The woman asks you to get rid of him, which means that you have to kill him. However, if you play a pacifist character, it should also be a good solution to somehow make him leave her property. This mod provides you an opportunity to do that. Since he is a brainwashed cultists, he wouldn't listen to reason or bribes, or intimidation, however he wouldn't be able to resist a command humanoid spell. If you know how to cast such a spell, and lead him outside with that method, it will be accepted as a solution for this quest.

As a bonus feature, upon reporting back to the quest giver, she will take back the keys to her house, which she originally gave you to take care of her problem. Just because you did a favor to her, it doesn't necessarily mean that she would allow you to stay in her property whenever you desire. Just a bit of immersion/less clutter in your inventory.

The mod is bug-free, clean and should be compatible with pretty much everything.