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Makes "Champion of Clutter" an actual title to... clutter your character sheet. Your title can also be abolished if you refuse to help the one who gave it to you.

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As Melchior Dahrk's list of Morrowind inconsistencies points it out, you receive the title "Champion of Clutter" in the eponymous quest of the Tribunal expansion, but the title never shows up on your character sheet.

Ladies and gentlemen mer, I'm honored to announce: Morrowind is complete, finally the "Champion of Clutter" title would... clutter your character sheet with this mod, if you do the first errand of the quest giver and the title is awarded to you. No perks (like faction relations) come with the title, it is completely meaningless, besides the pride you might feel from the title appearing on your character's sheet.

Naturally, your title would be abolished if you refuse one of the subsequent errands of the quest giver and he revokes the honor of holding the title.

Nota Bene: Melchior Dahrk's list also points out that the clutter you collect for the quest giver does not accumulate in his room. I just played the quest to make sure this mod works as intended, and I have to report that it is not the case. The items you deliver to the quest giver accually appear on the shelves, even in the vanilla game.

The mod is clean, bug-free, and compatible with everything, including Rebirth, going to Heaven, achieving Nirvana or any other religious beliefs you may hold.