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Three packs of somewhat minimalist loading screens. Or splash screens. Whatever you call them.

Permissions and credits
Some splashes I've made for my own use or for experimental purposes. They go quite well with my main menu replacers.

The splash packs work fine when used one at a time, combined together, or mixed with splash screens from other mods. Depends on personal preference, I guess.

Great House Crests
Splash screen count: 6
Vectorized by hand based on Tamriel Rebuilt imagery, with the exception of Dagoth crest.
Redoran, Telvanni, Hlaalu, Indoril, Dres, Dagoth. That's it. I'm not going to include E$0 versions, House Sadras, House Sujamma, or any other Great House anyone ever comes up with.

TR team - Great House crests I used as a base for vector work
Lattauri-El - Dagoth crest that I converted to vector stuff

Magic School Sigils
Splash screen count: 6
Painted in SAI, based on vanilla icons.
Byproduct of Magicka Expanded. For obvious reasons this pack doesn't include icons for Alchemy, Enchanting, or Unarmored, as well as icons for modded skills. It may or may not include them in the future.

NullCascade and OperatorJack, since if not for them, I wouldn't have a reason to rework the magic icons in the first place

Creatures of Morrowind
Splash screen count: currently 12, out of which only the netches are mostly decent
100% ink work.
Byproduct of my Creatures of Morrowind series. Tbh I wouldn't consider releasing all (or any) of the images if not for the fact that some people tend to like my work. But then, some people have shitty taste when it comes to drawings.

If you want to install this pack for whatever reason, my advice would be to extract the archive somewhere and hand-pick the pics you want, if any. You have been warned.

Currently included:
- bull netch
- betty netch
- cliff racer
- alit (design credits: Skywind team)
- kagouti
- guar
- scrib
- kwama forager
- mudcrab (design credits: EJ-12)
- molecrab (design credits: TR team, PeterBitt)
- ornada (design credits: TR team)
- velk (design credits: TR team)

C: The artwork is atrocious!
A: You should be happy you haven't seen the first version of my alit drawing. (And I don't mean the toilit one.)

C: This isn't lore-friendly!
A: I never promised it would be.

C: Modded creatures planned?
A: Only TR, SHotN, PC, Lyithdonea. Maybe some E$0 stuff as well.

C: Compatible with OpenMW or Morrowind Rebirth?
A: Get out.

Extract the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.

Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

duzulek - paper textures used in the background