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Modular replacer for main menu, menu buttons, and journal buttons. Compatible with MWSE Mod Config and Continue.

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Part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019

I've tried out quite a few menu replacers, but none of them addressed both issues with the original menu. First, there is this unsightly outlander writing, which may be easy for the n'wah to read, but isn't quite what a Dunmer would prefer. Second, constantly seeing the sign of the invader as our coat of arms annoyed me to no end... And if a part of the game bugs me so badly, I mod it until it's no longer a problem.

- widescreen (16:9) main menu replacer: three backgrounds to choose from (old paper, dirt+scratches+fire, OgreOgre's background) and two themes (Great Houses and the Temple, or Ashlander-style)
- main menu buttons (Load, Save, etc.) in Daedric, compatible with MWSE Mod Config and Continue
- included replacers for MWSE and MCP splashes (in Daedric!)
- alternate version of main menu buttons with higher contrast, which may look better on some backgrounds (edit by Stiffkittin)
- book/journal navigation buttons (Prev, Next, Close, etc.) in Daedric (who would have guessed?)
- modular installation, pick what you want
- source files included (.psd, can be edited also with GIMP 2.8 or Paint Tool SAI)

Copy the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder. Or use Wrye Mash - it should be compatible.
Warning: the normal version of Daedric Menu Buttons needs to be extracted into root Morrowind folder, the one above Data Files.


Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

Journal navigation is compatible with MCP option "Interface changes->Better typography", although it is not required (see the screenshots).
However, the menu buttons won't work well with MCP "International->Main menu wider textures" (off by default).
For obvious reasons, this mod is incompatible with anything that replaces the same textures.

QTMGFA (questions that might get frequently asked)

Could you make a 4:3 version?
Could you make a version in different colors or with a different background?
Could you make a version with the text positioned lower, in case someone doesn't use Mod Config or Continue?
Could you make a version with "Morrowind" text on the Moon and Star background, or the other way around?

Source files were included for a reason. All you need is GIMP with a .dds plugin. If you make a decent combination, I'll happily host it on this mod's page.

Will you also make an intro video replacer?
If the sharp transition bothers you too much, just use Yacoby's No Video.

Where are the crests of Dagoth and Hlaalu?
This question has been answered here.

Why are the journal buttons so low-resolution?
Engine limitations.

What mods add the quests seen in your journal?

TR, LGNPC, Gondolier's License, Demon of Knowledge.

Dongle - Oblivion font, original menu button replacer
Petethegoat - background v2, isolating background v3 from OO's mod, Continue
Tamriel Rebuilt Team - Great House crests I used as a base for vector work (would be nice to know which developer designed these, even if just to tell them that the crests look great)
Lattauri-El - Tribunal sign I used as a base for vector work
DokterDume - Moon and Star icon I used as a base for vector work
duzulek - paper textures used in background v1
OgreOgre - original background v3 (*modder cannot be contacted, and any readme/permissions from their original mod are unavailable; if they come back and ask me to edit their background out, I'll do so)
Stiffkittin - alt version of menu buttons
NullCascade, Hrnchamd, Petethegoat - stuff supported by this replacer
Atrayonis, Capostrophic, Cyprinus, and Remiros - reasons/ideas on whether it should be Morrowind or Resdayn
And other modders on MMC Discord for a lot of help with this mod