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Craft a portable yurt and everything in it.

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Yurt Crafting v1.0
by Ian


This mod requires the latest versions of Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.

One version of this mod requires Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul ( ). Another does not. Make sure you download the one that suits you.


I am not aware of any conflicts.


This mod allows you to craft your own portable Ashlander-style yurt, and several things in it. Each of the traders at the four Ashlander camps have a Yurt Crafting Kit for sale. When you're in a suitable spot, equip the kit onto your character portrait. If you have the right materials, you will craft and place a yurt.

Mod features and details

1. A craftable, portable yurt. See below for placement tips.
2. You may craft several items inside the yurt using the worktable that comes with the yurt. See the list below for the craftable items.
3. Each craftable item requires different crafting materials.
4. The yurt comes with a worktable that you activate to open the crafting menu.
5. The yurt comes with a fire pit. Activating the fire pit will toggle it between a dead fire, a burning hearthfire, and a cookfire with a pot.
6. When the hearthfire is burning, you will see smoke rise from the yurt when you're outside of it.
7. If you have my Cooking and Eating Mod, you may use the cooking pot to cook food. This requires Cooking and Eating v1.3 or later.
8. The yurt comes with a water jug. If you have my Water and Thirst mod, you can store water from your water containers in this jug, and also refill your water containers from it. This requires Water and Thirst v1.2 or later.
9. The Ashlander-style lights you craft can be turned on or off by activating them.
10. The containers you craft have larger-than-normal capacities.
11. If you ever want to pack up your yurt and move it, activate the yurt from outside. The Packed Yurt will vary in weight depending on how many items you've crafted inside of it. The maximum weight is 100lbs.
12. As you progress through the Main Quest, you will notice certain additions to your yurt as you earn the allegiance of the four Ashlander tribes.

How to best place my yurt?

Find a relatively flat spot and stand where you want the center of your yurt to be. Make sure you have plenty of space behind you when you're ready. Then equip the Yurt Crafting Kit or Packed Yurt onto your character portrait.

What can I craft inside my Yurt?

A Bed
Another Table
A Chest
Two Urns
Two Baskets
Three Sacks
Five wall-hung carpets, each a different style.
Four Ashlander-style hanging lamps, each a different color.

Installation Instructions

1. Save and back-up your game. This is a good idea any time you start using a new mod.
2. Install the content of this archive into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.
3. Enable "Yurt Crafting" in your mod list.
4. To update the mod, just replace it with the new files.

Version History

Original release.


1. GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby and Melian for the guide Morrowind Scripting for Dummies. An absolutely invaluable tool for modders.

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