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Makes you exit portable homes the OpenMW way.

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To make something complicated very simple yet obtuse:
  1. Morrowind's scripting has the "Position" function, which allows the scripter to put whatever wherever in the worldspace,
  2. This function does not accept variables,
  3. This has been forcing portable home mods into using complicated scripting, made widespread by Aragon in 2005, to "zoom in" on the player's position through approximation and comparision of the players current x, y, and z positions with the ones saved when they entered the portable home,
  4. This in turn starts failing the further the player moves away from 0,0 before entering the portable house,
  5. OpenMW's "Position" function accepts variables, rendering this entire mess moot..

Yes, MWSE has been able to do this too - there is a very old MWSE addon for Ashlander Tent. No Lua mods cover the same problem yet.

One more thing:
  1. I will think up a better description later.
  2. It's ESPs and not OMWADDONs because I can't use OpenCS worth beans. Maybe later. It is also a honeypot for people who don't read the description. Two more things!

I have been using Ashlander Tent mods on and off for ages, but never really used other portable house mods. If you have anything you want to see here, leave a comment. Not promisiong swift delivery, though.

Oh yes.