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Makes you exit portable homes the OpenMW way.

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It is more complicated to explain what this fixes than just saying "it works now", but let's try this:

  1. Portable home mods typically have you place something in the worldspace (the exterior cells) which acts like a door to your new comfy space,
  2. Morrowind can save your x, y, z, rotation coordinates when you enter the portable home,
  3. The "Position" function, which can place your character back into the worldspace when you exit, does not accept variables.

This means that Morrowind can be made to remember where you were before you entered your portable home, but it cannot use this information.

This is not a new problem, of course:

  1. Portable home mods are forced into using complicated scripting, "zooming in" on your coordinates bit by bit, by placing you in the middle of any given spot and then comparing your current position to the saved coordinates,
  2. When Aragon first codified this kind of script in 2005, he was operating within the size and scope of Vvardenfell,
  3. Additional landmass mods (Ald Vendras, Wizard's Island, and friends) need complimentary plug-ins to smooth the transitions because,
  4. If you are doing too many "zoom-ins" at once, Morrowind crashes.
  5. This is probably going to happen if you use Tamriel Rebuilt, but it is absolutely going to happen if you use Skyrim: Home of the Nords or Province: Cyrodiil.

So, what exactly is this mod for?

  1. OpenMW contains a reimplementation of Morrowind's scripting engine (it acts as an interpreter instead of a compiler among other things),
  2. The reimplementation's "Position" function does accept variables,
  3. This means all the complicated "zoom-in" functionality can be replaced by a simple "Player->Postion x_var, y_var, z_var, rotation". And that is what this collection of plugins does, it changes existing scripts to use Position with variables. This is all it does.

Yes, MWSE has been able to do this too - there is a very old MWSE addon for the original Ashlander Tent mod. No Lua mods cover the same problem yet, to the best of my knowledge.

One more thing:
  1. It's ESPs and not OMWADDONs because I can't use OpenCS worth beans. Maybe later (any day now). It is also a honeypot for people who don't read the description.

I have been using Ashlander Tent mods on and off for ages, but never really used other portable house mods. If you have any unsupported mod you want to see here, leave a comment or bug/feature request report. I'm not promising swift delivery, mind.

Oh yes.