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This mod requires you to periodically drink water or suffer ill effects. Carry water containers with you and refill them.

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Water and Thirst v1.2
by Ian


This mod requires the latest versions of Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.


The only minor conflict I can think of is that the "Services" dialogue topic (where you can find out where to get water) will conflict with anything else that changes it, like the mod Django's Dialogue. But if you load this after Django's, it's no problem. All of Django's other changes will be retained except for "Services." This mod would probably also conlifct with anything else that modifies vanilla water sources like water falls. You might also have some redundancy with Bare Necessities or similar mods that affect your character with the need to drink.


This mod requires you to periodically drink water or suffer ill effects. There are other mods that do this, but they tend to be large and heavy survival mods that involve many other things like weather and sleep. I was hoping for something with a lighter touch, so I made this one.

At Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen, you can purchase a water flask, a water jug, and a water catcher. These will allow you to refill your water supplies and carry water on your travels.

How do I drink water?

  • Equip either the water flask or the water jug onto your character portrait, just as if you are drinking a potion. However, these will do you no good if they're empty.
  • You can buy single-serve water bottles from Publicans (Innkeepers). Ask them about "water" in the dialogue topic they have to buy a bottle of water. You can't take them with you. You can only drink them where you bought them.
  • You can also drink from water spouts and waterfalls - the kind you find outdoors, and in places like Vivec City and caves.

How do I fill my flask and jug?

  • For a very small fee, you can refill your flask and/or jug at many traders across Vvardenfell, Mournhold and Solstheim. The common dialogue topic "Services" will now include information on where to find water. When at a trader who provides water, ask them about "water" through the dialogue topic.
  • Fill your water containers from rivers in the wilderness, and from ground water in caves. To do this, stand very close to the water and equip the water catcher onto your character portrait. It will refill your water containers.
  • Fill your containers from water spouts and waterfalls - the kind you find outdoors, and in places like Vivec City and caves.
  • If it's raining or snowing, equip the water catcher onto your character portrait and it will refill your water containers.
  • If you have my Yurt Crafting mod, you will be able to store water in the Yurt's jug and also refill your water from it.

How can I tell how much water I have left?

  • The flask carries four drinks. You can tell how many drinks are left by how much the flask weighs. If it weighs three pounds, that means it has three drinks left inside.
  • The jug carries twelve drinks.

How long will a full flask and jug last?

A full flask will last you over a day, and a full jug will last you four full days.

How long does a drink last?
Eight game hours.

What happens if I don't drink water?

You will suffer negative effects to your attributes that will get worse over time, peaking after not drinking water for three days. You will not die from thirst, but your life will suck badly until you find water.

Installation Instructions

1. Save and back-up your game. This is a good idea any time you start using a new mod.
2. Install the content of this archive into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.
3. Enable "Water and Thirst" in your mod list.
4. To update the mod, just replace it with the new files.

Version History
Added functionality with my Yurt Crafting mod.

Renamed a few naturally occurring water sources.
Shortened the first Thirst effect from eight hours to six hours. All others remain the same.
You will not go thirsty in jail.
Added a couple water providers, including in the Holamyan Monastery.

Original release.


1. I took inspiration from Bare Necessities by destructor36.
2. GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby and Melian for the guide Morrowind Scripting for Dummies. An absolutely invaluable tool for modders.

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