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Cook food with a cooking fire kit and get benefits from eating. Optional hunger module.

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Cooking and Eating v1.6
by Ian
w/ optional Hunger module


This mod requires the latest versions of Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.


This mod does not conflict with anything I know of, although you would probably have some redundancy with the mods Frostwind, Bare Necessities, or similar mods that affect your character with the ability to eat.


This mod allows you to cook food, eat it, and get benefits from eating. There are other mods that do this, but they tend to be large and heavy survival mods that involve many other things like weather and sleep. I was hoping for something with a lighter touch, so I made this one.

At Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen, you can purchase a Cooking Fire Kit. To build a cookfire, equip the kit onto your character portrait. You can only do this outdoors, and outside the boundaries of a town (similar to the requirements to rest).

Comes with the option of suffering hunger if you don't periodically eat food from the base game or this mod. See below for how to activate this.

Mod features and details

  • You can cook nine different things from twenty-three different original Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon ingredients that you find in the wild. You can cook meat from nix hound meat, greens from hackle-lo greens, roots from corkbulb roots, and so on.
  • Eating has its benefits. When you eat, your fatigue is fortified, and you get other benefits as well depending on what you eat. Cooked Meat fortifies your Strength, Cooked Marshmerrow Shoots fortify your Health, Cooked Greens grant you some resistance to Poison, and so on. The benefits from eating last four game hours. These benefits are modest - Alchemy is more powerful, as it should be.
  • A well-balanced and varied diet has its benefits. If you eat three different kinds of cooked food, and their benefits are all active at once, you will receive the "Well Fed" bonus of faster fatigue generation. This is very nice to have, especially while traveling on foot.
  • You can only benefit from three cooked food items at a given time.
  • You can cook as much food as you like and carry it with you.
  • There is no downside or penalty to not eating, unless you have the optional hunger module activated.
  • Works with new or existing characters.
  • Custom icons for the cooked food items, and a custom model for the cookfire. The cookfire model is assembled from vanilla meshes without any custom textures included, so any texture replacers you have will work seamlessly with the cookfire.
  • The cookfire will burn out over time. You can restart it in place if you like.
  • If you have my Yurt Crafting Mod, you will be able to use the cookfire inside your yurt to cook food.
  • Publicans (innkeepers) and a few other vendors will sell you cooked food from this mod. This food will be region specific.
  • If you have my Water and Thirst Mod, you will be able to melt snow to fill your water containers. You need to be in Solstheim or it needs to be snowing/blizzard for this to work.
  • If the hunger module is active, and if you are a werewolf or vampire, you will not experience hunger from this mod. Once you are cured, hunger for normal food will return.

Optional Hunger Module

With the Hunger Module active, you will experience negative effects from hunger that will get worse over time to a maximum effect after three days of not eating. You won't die of hunger. But after three days, your life will suck without any food to eat. To rid yourself of hunger, eat. For this purpose, any of the cooked food from this mod will work in addition to the following base-game food items.

Hound Meat
Hackle-Lo Leaves
Large and Small Eggs
Scrib Jerky
Scrib Jelly
Ash Yams
Scrib Cabbage
Holly Berries
Ripened Belladonna Berries
Sweep Pulp

To enable the Hunger Module, enter the console in-game and type "Set EnableHunger to 1" and enter. If you change your mind and don't want to deal with hunger anymore, type "Set EnableHunger to 0" and enter.

Installation Instructions

  • Save and back-up your game. This is a good idea any time you start using a new mod.
  • Install the content of this archive into your Morrowind/Data Files folder.
  • Enable "Cooking and Eating" in your mod list.
  • To update the mod, just replace it with the new files.
  • When starting the game after an update, you might get an error message about a certain count in the "food watcher" script. This is normal. Just "Yes to all" and it will be fine.

Version History
You will not experience hunger as a werewolf or vampire.
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when transforming into a werewolf.

Added functionality with my Water and Thirst mod.

Added cooked food items to publicans (innkeepers) and a few other vendors.
Fixed a directory error for the cookfire icon.

Added functionality with my Yurt Crafting mod.

You will no longer go hungry in jail.
Your hunger will not increase from lack of food when you are a werewolf.

Increased the weight of the cooking fire kit from 1lb to 4lb.
Added base-game ash yams as a food that will reduce hunger.
Added Tribunal and Bloodmoon ingredients.
Addded some small variation to hunger effects.
A couple of minor script improvements.

Original release.


1. I took inspiration from Frostwind by Merlord, Bare Necessities by destructor36, and especially Acheron's Camping Gear by Acheron. Looking at their scripts really helped a lot in making this mod.
2. GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby and Melian for the guide Morrowind Scripting for Dummies. An absolutely invaluable tool for modders.

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