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Adds starting equipment, based on the items seen in the images in the class selection screen for vanilla classes, or on major/minor skills for custom classes. Compatible with Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands (CREL). Uses MWSE/Lua.

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[This mod is now included (and much improved) in Danae's Ahead of the Classes]

Merlord's Starting Equipment

This mod adds a set of items to the player after chargen, based on your major/minor skills, prioritising at least one weapon skill. It is designed to work with Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands (CREL).

  • Uses MWSE/Lua for a high performance and full compatibility
  • Covers all vanilla and custom classes
  • Compatible with all other chargen mods
  • Compatible with a number of mods that add custom classes (courtesy of Danae123)
Unzip this mod into your /Morrowind folder.
This mod requires MGE XE and MWSE 2.1

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