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Seyda Neen Census and Excise now returns your character's personal effects upon release. What items you get depends on your character's class.

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As of 1.2, also includes a MWSE version.

Ever wondered why the only things from his previous life your character can get at the start of the game are magic spells? Well, not anymore!
With this mod, your character will receive back a set of items that were on their person during the arrest, at their release. The items can be found in a chest next to Sellus Gravius - speak to him to get it unlocked.

The items you get depend on your chosen class - if it's Bard, you will get a lute among other miscellaneous things, an Archer will receive a bow and some arrows, et cetera, et cetera. If your class is a custom one, you'll just get some useful potions - if you don't like it, better get to roleplaying one of the vanilla classes.

Some of the items you get are immediately useful - like armors, weapons and potions. Some are just for roleplay - like Scout's camping dinnerware set or Sorcerer's skull. Some can be useful depending on what other mods you use - Acrobats, for example, receive 5 ceramic bowls which you can juggle if you have the official Entertainers mod installed (I recommend this version), while Assassins can use their negative effect potions as poisons with the Poison Crafting mod.

Requires a new game to work. But really, the starting equipment is nothing special, so if you're out of the office already or even further along - you're good.
Still, to compensate the fact that you get some freebies, I've cut the amont of gold you receive at the start of the game in half.

This mod uses a sneaky little technique to determine PC's class, so if you are a modmaker yourself, you might find it interesting.