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Learn songs from other bards. Book performances with innkeepers. 38 songs to learn. New 'Performance' skill. Dynamic replacement of vanilla lutes with equippable versions.

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Bardic Inspiration
by Merlord

This mod uses MWSE to dynamically replace all lutes and fat lutes in the game with equippable versions. Speak to a Bard NPC to learn new songs. Speak to an Innkeeper (Publicans and other tavern keepers) to book a performance. Equip and ready your lute after 6pm to give the performance.


MGE XE, Skills Module

Performance Skill
  • Level up your performance skill by playing on the road or giving performances
  • Higher levels provide bigger rewards and tips
  • Higher levels also let you learn more difficult songs
  • 38 songs to learn: 16 Beginner, 15 Intermediate and 7 Advanced
  • Get a Bard NPC to like you enough and they'll teach you a new song
  • Each Bard has a random 5 beginner, 5 intermediate and 1 advanced song to teach
  • Bards wont teach you a new song until you've played the last one at a tavern at least once
  • Speak to an innkeeper before 6pm to book a performance
  • All Publicans are innkeepers, an additional list of NPCs can be found and added to in the MCM
  • After booking the gig, wait until after 6pm, then ready your lute to begin playing
  • During your performance you will receive tips, based on your Luck and Performance skill level
  • After your performance, speak to the innkeeper again to receive additional payment
Travel Play
  • Equip a lute while outdoors to play a random tune. This will give you the "bardic inspiration" ability for the duration, which will slowly regenerate fatigue.

A note to translators: This mod has full localisation support for all scripted messages. See Data Files/MWSE/mods/mer/bardicInspiration/messages/eng.lua  for a list of messages that can be translated. To translate, simply copy this file and rename it to the localisation being translated, and replace the text. For now, the ESP needs to be translated as well, but I plan to replace all dialog with MWSE so all localisation can be done in this single file.

(This video has some incomplete functionality)

(Note: this review is from version 1.0, using the custom lute in Pelagiad. Version 2.0 uses vanilla lutes. Version 3 has additional mechanics)