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Flames are now glow mapped and/or properly illuminated.

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UPDATE 2023: Seems like a new mod does this better:

though I don’t think it adds glow maps to embers used in things like camp fires which could still be useful so hopefully someone takes these and bundles them up somewhere more useful!

Happy Halloween!

EDIT: and Happy 23rd Birthday to AlarusSarthes!

When testing "The Raven" the brilliant mod by Von Djangos (bug fixes here), along with True Lights and Darkness, I noticed something very odd, a standing lamp with three candles that was emitting light but had no flames. But the problem wasn't with either of those mods, it's been there in vanilla Morrowind from the beginning; many sources of light in game do not have meshes that are properly lit. Meaning in dark places (such as a necromancer's towers) without much ambient lighting, darkness can be cast on flames, rendering them invisible. 

This will not do, say I ! 

So I fixed it.

Also, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a lot of lights that don't emit light, have visible flames in game, this issue is also addressed.


I'd recommend using OpenMW or Mod Organizer.

Alternatively you could copy it all into your Data Files folder after backing up the contents of your "meshes/L" folder. 


- You must use the esp for this mod to work right

- Please pay careful attention to the readme for load order instructions or you will end up with lots of glowing tipped candles that emit no light and have no flame.

- This is compatible with The Morrowind Optimization Patch if installed/loaded afterwards

- esp requires the expansions


I would like people to use everything contained within this mod however they like, as long as it is for Morrowind, not for profit and you grant other people the same freedom.