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Bring Fargoth alive to the Red Mountain. Fargoth must have his Engraved Ring, Sting and Mithril Mail. Pick a character (Sam, Legolas, Gimli or Gandalf) with their own starting ear, perks, handicaps and tasks.

Permissions and credits

I have added a bunch of mods to the requirement section BUT only 4 are a must: Dwarves, Halflings, Trolls and Mithril Armour.
The others are really nice additions and adding them to the required files makes them easy to find.


You must have the following mods installed (links in the requirement section)
- Kalikut's Male Oblivion Mithril Armor
- Antares'Creatures: Trolls!
- Westly presents: Halflings
- Dwarves by Tarnsman.

I strongly recommend the following mods (again, all links in the requirement section)
- Easy Escort by NullCascade
- Companion Health Bar by Mesafoo
- Merlord's Character Background (Legolas challenge)
- GoFletch by Merlord or FletcherMod (Legolas challenge)
- Ashfall or Bare Necessities  (Legolas challenge)

Secret task hiding in plain sight: Find the meme.

Gondorian ranger armor by rojak, Snakebitten, Dongle, Pseron Wyrd, HopperFly621, and Bravo1
Midgetalien's Gondor Armor
The One Ring icon by BeckhamFC9
Stuporstar for the gold ingot and lead models
LadyE and Proudfoot for the Battle Axe model
Tarnsman for 2 beer models
Alaisiagae, Coolman and Dragon Lance for the Arthur dagger.
Uisce for the Soul Gem resources
Phaedrus for the Giant Spider creature
Harlequin sword and bow resource by Phijama
Korana for the horn instrument
Daduke for the Wizard hats
Grumpy for his companion script template
Lightsourced for showing me the WoW-Lotr challenge that inspired me.

Middle-Earth Vanilla Challenge available as well on my blog.