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This places a Hobbit style Player home in a hill by a pond just outside Vivec City.
Created by Darkelf and uploaded with his permission.

Permissions and credits
                            Kursan is happy to give you
                          "I wished I had a Hobbit Hole"
              a Hobbit styled player home created by Darkelf

Darkelf created this quite a while back and it had great success on Planet Elder Scrolls then. I am grateful that Darkelf gave me permission to upload some of his mods and I upload this one first as it is the mod that inspired me later on to create my "Island Hobbit Home" for Skyrim. It is a very cozy and useful home in a great location, see the original read me for more detailed instructions on how to find it. This mod is also available on Morrowind Modding History.

Original Description:
This is a hobbit hole situated in the green farm lands above Vivec. Ideal for alchemists. This mod provides a "house under the hill" like those in Lord of the Rings. See read me for details.  
Does not require Tribunal or Blood Moon. :)

Changelog:v-2.0 I have added a pantry and made the house look a little more like it has been previously inhabited.  
v-2.1 I have reduced the lighing a little so that the light have more of an effect, also I have "recleaned" the mod with enchanted editor.  
v-2.2 I have added a small enclosure for keeping animals in a small clearing above you home.