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Companion Health Bars is an MWSE lua mod that will add health bars for your companions and summoned creatures to the Morrowind HUD.

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This mod is a work in progress. Use at your own risk and be sure to back up your saves beforehand. That said, I feel it's stable enough at the moment to release for other people to try out. Just be aware there could be crashes.

To use this mod you'll need the latest version of MWSE and its dependencies.

Once you have all the dependencies installed,  just move the included data files folder into the Morrowind directory and it should be good to go.

Includes an MCM menu for blacklisting specific actors, changing the polling rate for updating the health bars, and toggling on/off the event-based health update.

As of version 0.4a, you can reposition the health bar menu by clicking and dragging it while the command console is open.

If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, leave a comment and I'll try to respond.