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Regional weather colours, skies and lighting. Visual weather editor and region-based presets. Seamless transitions between regions. Share your presets.

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  • Russian
Regional weather colours, skies and lighting. Seamless transitions between regions. Clouds can become truly dark at night.

Version 2.0 is now compatible with Watch the Skies without needing the replacement lua file. Just turn off cloud texture changes in Weather Adjuster's MWSE Mod Config menu.

Use the toggle weather editor keybind (default: Shift-F4, can be remapped) during gameplay to interactively edit weather, create presets, and assign presets to regions. Weather Adjuster will transition between presets as you change regions.

You can share your custom weathers with others. All settings are saved in <Data Files/MWSE/config/Weather Adjuster.json>.

This is an MWSE mod for Morrowind. It is not compatible with OpenMW.