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A weather overhaul with randomised cloud textures, weather changes in interiors, seasonal weather, latitude/season changes etc.

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Watch the skies, outlander.
MWSE lua-based weather overhaul

  • new game behaviour - weather now changes inside!
  • randomised cloud textures - no more exactly same clouds each time
  • more dynamic weather - shortens and randomises time between weather changes
  • randomises particle amount and clouds speed - works best with matching variable rain sounds from AURA and clouds from Vapourmist
  • seasonal weather chances with Blight chances scaling mechanics for MQ (thanks Necrolesian!)
  • dynamic daylight hours (thanks sveng!)
  • includes a texture pack (not compatible with skies.iv mesh out of the box, although you can still use skies.iv textures/meshes easily)
  • includes 16 raindrop meshes using 5 textures for a more varied rainy weather experience (these will moreover match your fog colours, so use with your preferred Weather Adjuster preset)
  • includes 10 unique snow meshes
  • includes an optional Weather Adjuster config file, inspired by Gilboron's preset based on the old Red Skies mod and Morrowind concept art
  • alternative clouds shader
  • alternative sunshafts shader

To install your own textures, just drop them in the appropriate weather folders in Textures/tew/Watch the Skies. You can use WtS lua framework with sky mesh replacers, such as Skies IV.

If you're using Weather Adjuster, please disable (turn to ON) WA cloud setting to ensure full compatibility with Watch the Skies. Thanks Hrnchamd!

Also note that while you can use XE Sky Variations.esp plugin from MGE XE, it will make your sky go funky at times in clear and cloudy weathers. If you want your sky colour to be closer to whatever preset you have for Weather Adjuster, you can turn that off. Recommended if you want your game to look even more alien.


00 Core - Required, contains all the necessary scripts
01 Clouds textures - 1k texture pack for all Morrowind weathers, with up to 20+ variations per weather. Incompatible with skies.iv meshes.
02 Weather Adjuster preset - Weather Adjuster presets covering all the GOTY edition regions + TR/PT/SHotN. Alien and unique across the board.
03 Weather particles replacer - Replaces ash, blight, and blizzard visuals. By anonymous Morrowind modders. Recommended.
04 Clouds shader - A new shader for the clouds, with crisp looking halo, natural lighting, and cloud movement. Huge thanks to Dexter and Hrnchamd.
05 Sunshafts shader - A slightly improved sunshafts shader and sun textures.


Weather Adjuster
Window to Aetherius (the only night-sky mod that I like - that's saying something!)
AURA (a lua-based sound overhaul)
Heat Haze (a heat shader to further enhance your weather)
Vapourmist (full 3D clouds)
An alternative WA preset in the similar vanilla-adjacent/concept-art-friendly mood can be found in Days of Fire or Ctroost's Weather Adjuster Presets