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Lets you open or close any book or scroll in the game. A perfect companion to Perfect Placement!

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Perfect Placement has finally made Book Rotate obsolete, (which was so script heavy it could be CPU draining), and replaced it with lua magic. However one feature I missed was being able to open and close books and scrolls. This mod lets you do that, using switchnodes in the nifs to change meshes.
It covers all vanilla books and scrolls, not just ones that originally had open versions. I also made sure not to alter any original book positions to prevent any clipping or floaters.

I recommend Perfect Placement to use in conjunction with this mod.
Hrnchamd is working on making PP work nicer with placing books on lecterns, so look for a future update on that.

Press the B key when targeting a book to open or close it. You can assign a different hotkey in the mod config menu.

Since the script uses a hotkey instead of the OnActivate event, it's compatible with scripted books and doesn't interfere with
them. You could even use Book Rotate with it (but why would you want to?)

First make sure you have installed the following:
MWSE 2.1 Development version -

If you don't have the latest version of MWSE, this mod will crash your game, so make sure to run the included updater.
Install the core mod and patches for any replacers you're using.

The optional Closed Book Icons folder switches all open book icons for the closed ones, since they're now all closed by default when

Replacer meshes currently included (original textures required):

Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts: (used as base meshes, textures required for all options)
RR's Better Meshes:
Illy's Dirty Books: (also requires her esp for unique books)
STA Guide-to Replacer: (don't load the original esp, use the Noscript one included)

You need the original textures from those mods to use these replacement meshes, and MD's textures for all of them.
The optional folders are arranged so you can overwrite them to get the most out of all three.

My setup uses folder 00, 02, and 04 to get Illy's unique books and RR's concept art book pages.
Illy's Dirty Books also changes the menu book and scroll so if you're using other replacers it's best to only install the textures in
the Illy subfolder and load either MD's or RR's overtop.

The STA Guide-to replacer patch comes with the no-script version of the esp, but you will need the textures from the original mod.
You also need the scroll texture from MD's Manuscripts for the STA guide-to replacer, as they look awful without it if you're other replacers.

If you're using Arukinn's Better Books and Scrolls use the 03 Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts folder. It can be used in conjunction with Illy's unique books as well.

Book Jackets will be covered sometime after modathon, since it's going to be a lot of work making unique interiors for all of them.
Books from other mods will also be covered in the future. Feel free to make requests.

This mod is compatible with any book that has a mesh with a BookSwitch switchnode added to it. Instructions are included for making your own.

Nullcascade - scripting and making new MWSE functions to make this mod work
Stuporstar - mesh adapting
Melchior Darhk - all book meshes for the replacers
Dragon32 - made the STA Guide-to NoScript version