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Adds new features like Real exits / Favourite Transport or Teleport / Fuel Costs / Summon PMB / Item Sorters ( Ingredients / Potions / Books / Scrolls )

Security features like locking/cloaking the PMB, automatic recall / unlock by time to Favourite Place, Automatic Uncloak by ranged and possesion of Ring, Single Location Summoning device

Permissions and credits
Nemo / Pretender6
[email protected]

Requires Private Mobile Base Tribunal-Bloodmoon

Required Morrowind Code Patch

(Optional) Private Tower Balmora ( Nemo Edit)

(Highly Suggested) Perfect Placement

(Required) MGE XE

Added new features of the original Private Mobile Base, created by HenkBein.


    'Real' Exits which allows travel with npc's or in werewolf form

    Travelling & Teleporting now cost fuel while it also can be Refueled with Grandsoul gems with Golden Saints
        Amounts can be changed with console commands, see below at the document

    Centralized Location Selector with Next/Check|Confirm/Previous buttons
        Displays on normal activation, while activating whilest crouchest will confirm it, and travels to it, provided enough fuel
        Resets on old location when confirming a disabled location

    'Phase | Non-colliding' Cloak, Can be manually (de-)activated in the PMB Control Room
        So long the player have the Ring, and within certain distance, the PMB is visible, exceeding that or losing the ring, the PMB vanish

    "PMB Security Lockdown"/"PMB Security Override"
        Allows the Player to (un-)Lock the PMB with the Ring, whilest also allowing access to a Locked PMB with the presence of the PMB

    "Set current location to Favourite",
        Recallling is done by walking in a certain spot, meaning when
        faced towards the keyload, its 90 degrees left, the empty space inbetween dwarven dynamo and a diagonal pipes

    "Set Alarm" will set the Auto Recall, that location and current hour as a favourite spot that means
        when locking-down and/or 'Phase/Cloak' and/or moving away, it move back and unlocks/uncloaks itself for that hour, before returning to previous state/location

    "PMB Passenger Exit & Teleport" allows for independant teleport to several locations, just use the dialup Gate
        "Gate's Mark/Recall" by activating the button on the right side of the Gateway, allows the current Gate destination to be stored
        Then move towards empty area on the left of the gate, to trigger a automatic Recall, for players that can not use "Activate", typically only players in Werewolf form

    Teleport ring got MAJOR upgrade (compared to original mod), allowing the remotely control the PMB itself, even when Player isnt anywhere the PMB
        Allows to remote operate the PMB, Moving to new locations / dedicated Return Home / (un-)Lock | (un-)Cloak / (un-)Set (Recall) Alarm,
        Changed "PMB Propylon Chamber" with "PMB Alchemy Room" and added "PMB Docking Bay","PMB Upper Deck Passage","PMB Passenger Exit & Teleport"
    PMB Summoner, Soulstone shaped device that 'Summons' the PMB to your location, requires to be inside, and residing in a valid location
        The Private Mobile Base would be summoned like ie. "Balmora, " = Balmora Hover, whilest "Balmora, Guild of Mages"&"Balmora Private Tower"

        Can be picked up when crouching, allowing to be placed again inside a new location,

        Highly Recommend using Perfect Placement, to repositing it somewhere out of sight, if needed
        WARNING: Summoning also cost Fuel, so keep it in mind
    Observation Deck, with "real" is now also accessible with NPC, allowing to have a party upstairs, BYOS (bring your own skooma)
    Alchemy Room now contains fully working item collecters/sorters/stockers, for Ingredients/Potions/Books/Scrolls
        Highly Recommend using Perfect Placement, to repositing items more managble
        Each item is a duplicate and carries a script,
            disables itself when activated whilest giving the player on of that item
            enables itself when Stocking script is activated, and removes an items from its specialized storage space
        Fill buttons will start the collecting scripts when Activate at VERY close distance, and Deactivate when Moving Away
            These scripts takes items from the Players inventory and stores them in a centralized location for each category (Ingredients/Potions/Books/Scrolls)

        Sort buttons will start the sorting scripts when Activate at VERY close distance, and Deactivate when Moving Away
            These scripts takes items from the centralized location and stores them in specilized locations ( individual jars, quality-graded chest)
        Stock buttons, will Stop the stocking scripts, when Activate normally, or when leaving the area
            Can ONLY be activated when Crouched, then every time the player is crouching, its items will be restocked
        NOTE:    Previous versions a sorting system that requires atleast 1 items to be stored, in order to container to be able to be used by the sorting script
            Now replaced with a light, which cant be taken away when using the "Take All" button, allowing to quick grab all items withouth worry
        NOTE2:    While previously i dont know which main mod i 'borrowed' the sorting system from
        The orignal sorting mod is called DM Ingredient Pots and Sorter, by despair,
        NOTE3:    Duplicate Items with custom script idea,
            Adul Library inside Private Mobile Base by ideaspy,
            LIBRARY PORTABLE, from          
        activating while crouched, it teleports you to Folms Mirel in  Caldera or PMB Propylon Room respecticly

    Master Index takes precident over the PMB Ring


    although I clean this mod with "TES Advanced Mod Editor", i consider myself a sloppy modder, as i wrote and test it with 'dirty' saves
    There is a chance that crashes occur when playing with this mod/version, mainly because older version of the mod has been used before,
leaving behind 'duplicate' data in the savegame.

    Also I am using Morrowind Code Patch, which i believe for the majority of the mod's functions, but i havent got any idea why :-)
    for example previously you could not transport the PMB into the same exterior cell in which the player resides,
    1-Check ALL Private Mobile Base files (Private_Mobile_Base*.esp) ( 1-4 are original authors, with 5, 5a, 5b and 6 is mine)

    2-Check OFF any other upgrade Private Mobile Base files pertaining with (PMB Transport.esp, PMB Remote Control etc)

    1. Crashes may occur when player has the PMB ring already equipped or just carrying it before installing this mod,
this comes from having a different script attached to it.
    1:    uncheck mods with (5/5a/5b/6)
    2:    load savegame
    3:    drop PMB ring somewhere inside a interior, and un hotkey it, if nessecary
    4:    Goto another DIFFERENT interior
    5:    Save the game
    6:    check mods with (5/5a/5b/6)
    7:    Load savegame
    8:    pickup PMB Ring
    9:    go OUTSIDE
    10: Equip the ring by dropping onto the player 'paper doll'
    11: If no crashes occur, you can remove the ring from the 'paper doll' and are now able to hotkey it for quick access
        If crashes does occur, check again for the presence of older PMB plugins and uncheck it from the load order and repeat steps 1 to 10
    2."PMB Passenger Exit & Teleport" exits have been blocked, and will not be automaticlly removed by activating the Gate dialer, which normally it does
    This one can be resolve just by Disabling it via the console, but first check behind you and face the door you have entered.

    3."PMB Passenger Exit & Teleport" door into the PMB is missing, or several sections of the room itself has been disabled
    Typically occurs when loading up with a 'dirty' save having had loaded or is still loading "PMB Transport", which is an older version of the "Travel upgrades"

    I included "PMB Patch Supply.esp ", which i admid its cheaty, whilest i added more stuff to it, i didnt renamed it like the other files

- Suggested Mods and or Credits-

These are mods that i am using that benefitial to playing with Private Mobile Base, and how i use them

Private Tower Balmora, also from Henkbbein,
    Same mod author of the Private Mobile Base, but i also have posted a personal edit version of this,
    mainly removed underground personal shop plaza? because conflicting roleplay reasons,
    added keys for locks for doors, which can auto-lock, and covered up the Mages Guild entrance with a rug (static)

Mod configuration menu, EasyMCM

Customizable Multi Mark and Recall edtion,   
    Able to go up to 80 Marked location, i typically use 5 to 6 Marks

    (Recent specific Location) for when inside a cave, before a trapped chest/door or otherwise a choice (gets rewritten alot)
    (Recent general location) for when outside a cave, instead of backtracking towards the exit,
        just use this to resume the overall journey, ( or used it for a secundairy quest giver location )
    (Recent Quest Giver) for after finishing the task, quick recall to Quest giver to finish the quest itself
        ( i rewrite this one after talking to new quest giver)
    (Current Home) Typically i set it to "PMB Room I", with quick access to the bed, drawer and extras, that i console spawn in myself
    (Current Teleporter) Basiccly its "PMB Passenger Exit & Teleport" but placed directly before the gate

UI Expension,
    personally feel it nessecary, allows for example search bar, which can instantly used by typic that what you need, (inventory OR magic)
    I set it to magic, and cleverly name my magic spells with general names like "Fortify Health" "Restore Health" "Absorb Health" etc

Perfect Placement,
    allows player to hold items Oblivion/Skyrim style, but with added benefit of freezing in place, typically only against walls
    MUST have when dealing with item sorters, allowing to played elsewhere
Inventory Helpers,
    using Multiple Cheatpack, and placed with Perfect Placement, see above, p
    I treated ith as PMB got a ship-wide inventory system, while also carring a cheatpack with me that acts a a remote inventory menu

PMB docking bay addon by Deadbolt
    Just some extra room/containers situated more conveniently at the docking bay

DM Ingredient Pots and Sorter, by despair, original sorter system

Adul Library inside Private Mobile Base by ideaspy,

- Console Fun - (displayed with orginal values)

startscript PMB_Quick_Buy             ; Gives all required keys,indices, powercores, etc deprecated
startscript PMB_Quick_Cheat            ; Unlocks all locations/rooms/abbilities/full tank/cloaked/locked/ stationed at Private Balmora Tower
                                    Lacks only additem command for Teleport ring and PMB summoner and the indices (Propylon Index items)
                                    Disables the PMB seller in Caldera, had plans for him to die off screen ( sorry HB :-) )
                                    Possible future use when addding a quest line for the PMB, dispersing items around the world
set hubtelemode 1                        ;  enable teleporting effects, disabling Player controls, shaking and sounds, but wont work anywhere outside PMB
set hubnewloc to 11                 ; Private Tower in Balmora ( seperate mod, search for my edit for it :-) )
startScript hybglbteleport             ; This is the main script that

startscript hybscenable                ; Enables the PMB
startscript hybscdisable            ; Disables the PMB
startscript hybmscenable            ; Enables the PMB inside Mournhold
startscript hybmscdisable            ; Disables the PMB  inside Mournhold
hyb3->Disable                        ; Disables the extra ladder, for hover locations, replace with Enable to restore this

set PMB_Alarm_Active to 0
set PMB_Alarm_Hour to 0
set PMB_Hide to 0
set PMB_Lock to 0
set PMB_MarkLoc to 0
set PMB_MarkTeleportLoc to 0
set PMB_MaxLoc to 46
set PMB_RangeCloak to 3500
set PMB_TeleportCost to 20
set PMB_Fuel to 10
set PMB_FuelCost to 10
set PMB_MaxFuel to 100
set PMB_FillUpMult to 5

set PMB_ingred_Ash_yam_01.State to 20     ;    10 Disables itself whilest giving player item, 20 will restock the item if possible by checking its storage containers, 30 will just Enable the Item, 40 will just Disable the Item

set PMB_Auto_Force_Ingredients.ForceState to 20        ; Default is 20, will be reset when sneak activate the sorting buttons,
startscript PMB_Auto_Force_Ingredients     ; Crouch will activate the script accordingly

set PMB_Auto_Force_Potions.ForceState to 20            ; Default is 20, will be reset when sneak activate the sorting buttons,
startscript PMB_Auto_Force_Potions         ; Crouch will activate the script accordingly

set PMB_Auto_Force_Books.ForceState to 20            ; Default is 20, will be reset when sneak activate the sorting buttons,
startscript PMB_Auto_Force_Books        ; Crouch will activate the script accordingly

set PMB_Auto_Force_Scrolls.ForceState to 20            ; Default is 20, will be reset when sneak activate the sorting buttons,
startscript PMB_Auto_Force_Scrolls        ; Crouch will activate the script accordingly