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Mesh and texture replacer for Argonians. Compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt. Optional green retexture available.

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If you are updating from version 1.3 or earlier, read the note included in the main download BEFORE updating!

I couldn't find a mod that replaced Argonians the way I liked - reptilian anatomy, natural colors, and horns - so I made my own.

Heads use vanilla meshes and textures from merged borok's Argonians Revamp textures, recolored and improved for a warm look. All "hairstyles" consist of horns - way too many horns. Bodies are based on LizTail's NBB.

The .esp file is necessary but edits only generic body parts for Argonian race, it does not change the player or NPCs beyond that - no extra playable heads, "hairstyles", etc.

There's a version for the newest Tamriel Rebuilt (18.09). An optional green retexture is available, too. You can have green males, females, or both, whichever you prefer.

Huge thanks and a ton of sweetrolls for Danae, who has made a review of this mod (v. 1.1) and showcased it in her August mod spotlight! (With additional fun - apparently I'm a dragon now. Seeing what is on my profile picture, I was practically asking for it anyway...)

Currently working on:
- two bugs (claw and elbows)
- making a certain Argonian scout in TR look okay (it's a problem with the armor, not with the body)
- golden retexture
- making it possible to have different horn colors for males and females

Adult content?
Body meshes included here come from the "mature" version of New Beast Bodies. I chose it for immersion and realism reasons. It features reptilian anatomy, so no external genitalia are visible and the females don't have breasts. If you aren't bothered by seeing an image of a lizard or a dinosaur, I don't think you're likely to be bothered by anatomically correct Argonians. Hence no Adult tag on this mod.

Copy the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder & check the .esp in your Data Files or Wrye Mash. Recommended manual installation, I will not provide any support for NMM.

If you want to install the TR add-on, install main file first and overwrite the .esp. It's compatible with TR 18.09, but probably will work with earlier releases.

If you want the green retexture, install it last and let it overwrite the files; same goes for the optional patches.

Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory. After the 1.4 update it should be much easier to find all these files.

This mod should be compatible with anything that is not an Argonian replacer. Mods that add new playable heads/"hairstyles" or alter specific NPCs are okay. This means that Wey's Argonians or Slof's Beasts will be incompatible, but Arhiz's or Ashiraniir's mods are fully compatible.

So far patches for these two mods are available:
Expedition to Mzelthuand (patch made by qwertyquit)
Rise of House Telvanni
If you know a popular (or unpopular) mod that adds Argonian NPCs with custom head/hair meshes, feel free to ask me for a pluginless patch - or make one yourself, I'll happily host it here.

Change log

Not to your taste?
If you're looking for an Argonian replacer but don't like this one, check out:
New Beast Bodies by LizTail (vanilla-style colors; comes in mature and clean versions)
Better Beasts by AlienSlof (both beast and "humanoid" versions; Argonians have mammalian anatomy)
Wey's Argonians by WeyardReturns (somewhat Skyrim-style Argonians)

LizTail - body meshes and source textures
borok - high resolution vanilla face and "hair" textures
Silaria - horn meshes
ashiraniir - horn meshes
ARHIZ - some horn meshes
Jewelry meshes and textures based on:
 - Westly's Pluginless Head Replacer
 - Kafeid's Kafeis MultiPierced Ears
 - Nostromo79's Pierced Ears - Earrings

Both .esp files have been cleaned with TESAME.