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This is a heavily expanded version of Pozzo\'s Rise of House Telvanni (RoHT). This mod adds quests for the Telvanni Archmagister, allowing him/her to gain more political power and strengthen House Telvanni.

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This is a heavily expanded version of Pozzo's Rise of House Telvanni (RoHT). This mod adds quests for the Telvanni Archmagister, allowing him/her to gain more political power and strengthen House Telvanni. During RoHT's main quest, the player will decide on House Telvanni's stance towards the Mages Guild and the Twin Lamps, infiltrate the East Empire Company, and shake Vvardenfell's politics to the core.
Most quests can be played in different styles. Depending on the player's decisions, House Telvanni will gain anything between one and four new strongholds. It is up to the player if House Telvanni rises to political predominance or passes up its opportunities.
RoHT also introduces some lore about the Telvanni and a chance to reclaim some ancient Telvanni artifacts.

Change log
Version 1.52
- Fixed a quest-breaking bug with the door that leads into Mournhold's jail
- Raised the creatures in Ulaeash from the floor to prevent them from falling through it
- Simplified interaction with StuporStar's "Uvirith's Legacy"
- Released an updated Compatibility Addon for RoHT and UL as a separate download

Version 1.51
- The black sheep in RoHT's line of ancestors. Best left forgotten

Version 1.5
- Fixed compatibility for cdc_teleportation
- Overhauled the entire dialogue and added a couple of lines to reflect the
changes in Vvardenfell during RoHT's quests
- Added optional dialogue for the discrediting Orvas Dren quest when Orvas is
already dead at the beginning of the quest
- Overhauled all scripts
- Fixed a couple minor glitches
- Added an internal patch for the Great House Dagoth (GHD) mod: I set the unique
6th House creatures in Telasero to peaceful after the player has started GHD's
metamorphosis process
- Applied Taddeus' Water level fix to RoHT's new interior Cells
- Made an addon for Taddeus' "Necessities of Morrowind" v3
- Restructured the archive for use with Wrye Mash's Installer function, BAIN

Version 1.41
- Fixed a bug in the RoHT_Oubliette_Door_Scr

Version 1.4
- Fixed various bugs
- Provided an alternative way for the final quest
- Elaborated on a few dialogue lines
- Added support for constantly levitating player characters
- Added support for CDCooley's "Improved Teleportation"
and Melian's "Teleport Plugin"
- Made an addon for Nymeria's and Taddeus' "Necessities of Morrowind"
- Made an addon for Taddeus' "Balanced Armors" and "Balanced Weapons"

Version 1.3
- Fixed various bugs
- Changed all IDs to a new, coherent nomenclature
- Added various quests and expanded on existing quests
- Added a system of global variables for interaction with other mods
- Made RoHT a master file (.esm)
- Added interaction with Elim Garak's "Hunter Mod"
- Made an addon for Emma's "Children of Morrowind"
- Made a patch for Julian K. Spire's "GDR: Aleft"
- Made a patch for JOG's "Havish"
- Made a patch for Nevena's "Twin Lamps and Slave Hunters"
- Added a separate readme file for modders

Version 1.25
- Fixed various bugs
- Removed both the "Of Human bondage mod" and the Festival Slave market

Version 1.24
- Changed the requirements for the "Zafirbel's Star" dialogue

Version 1.23
- A whole lot of grammar, spelling, and logical corrections thanks to Aeroldoth

Version 1.22
- Fixed various bugs
- Added a more balanced version

Updates since Beta v.1
- Altered the Daedric realms slightly
- Added another for a small Three Sisters quest
- Incorporated a skip "Destroying Mage Guild" option.
- Various typo fixes
- Fixed various bugs in the Archmagister's quarters,
- Changed Lighting in Archmagisters quarters