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Off the shoreline of the Bitter Coast region, a Dwemer Ruin has appeared. Take up your spells and delve into the deepest and darkest of Dwemer mysteries within an enigmatic study facility that holds far more than it lets on.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish

MCP and the NEWEST MGE XE (MWSE included) are required! (MCP requires the "Cells Changed", "Get/Set Angle Enhancement", "Place At/Drop", "Position/PositionCell", "Scripted Music Uninterruptible", and the "Script Expression Parser" bugfixes, possibly in addition to other MCP bugfixes. A good rule of thumb is to include all of the "bugfixes" and as many of the modding specific patches as possible). 

Be sure to enable the warp shader on MGE XE. See the images for tutorial.

Players using the Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul (MAO) must use an alternative plugin included in MAO with this mod: MAO_ScriptExtender_alternative.esp. Otherwise, MAO breaks this mod due to how it is set up.
Expedition to Mzelthuand is a Dungeon, Quest, and Companion mod featuring a brand new Dwemer Dungeon (With an in-universe explaination as to its sudden appearance), a new companion, and three new quests, one of which takes you deep into the dark mysteries of the Dwemer. Mzelthuand is the staging ground for the most enigmatic of Dwemer experiments, its calm exterior belying the anomalous forces within. 

This dungeon mod is intended for spellcasters (Or at least, characters who can cast a wide variety of spells). As the quest goes on, you will need to learn more and more spells, meaning that while a mage is required to clear the dungeon, you will have time to learn and create spells that you need for particular situations. The dungeon itself delves into obscure facets of the lore which was previously only in written word.

The features of this mod include: 

       ♦ An unusual, intricately-constructed Dwemer dungeon, filled with the mysteries of the Dwemer and the universe itself.

       ♦ A new companion who, while having a few screws loose, has an innate passion for the Dwemer and their technologies.

       ♦ MWSE-enhanced companion scripts, ensuring your follower never gets left behind, even through scripted teleporting.

       ♦ Tons of custom assets intended to make this quest a unique experience (and available as Modder's Resources!). 

       ♦ A mysterious artifact that uses the Dwemer's knowledge and study of "adjacent places" to manipulate time and space.

       ♦ An epic quest to find one of the greatest of Dwemer treasures while looting a long-abandoned Dwemer facility of great import.

       ♦ Two side quests that serve to flesh out the new companion character.

Version 1.1: Fixes some major bugs, causing the mod to become playable.

Version 1.2: Fixes some more major bugs, including adding regenerating Laterigrade ammo, levitateproofing, a door fix, seam fixing, and missing dialogue.

Version 1.21: Readme added.

Version 1.23: Minor fixes.

Version 2.0: Fixes and implements the Feather/Frostbite puzzle, minor fixes. Apart from bugfixes, the mod is actually, finally finished.

Version 2.1: Updated to latest MWSE. Various minor cleaning and script changes.

Version 2.2: Repackaged the mod to include the shader in the primary files, as someone thought it was a great idea to package them separately? 

Version 2.3: Repackaged missing file.

Notes: To begin this quest, you may either find Mzelthuand (Located west of Hla Oad), or you can ask about Latest Rumors in Caldera.

Don't allow Flim-Darr to die. If you do, don't resurrect him. His death breaks several local variables, effectively destroying part of his scripting. You must reload a save if he bites the dust; resurrecting him breaks functions.

Credits and Special Thanks to: 

       ♦ Darknut for various dwemer assets.

       ♦ ArtisticDude for freeze sound.

       ♦ Fredoric1001 for Tamriel Map (

       ♦ HedgeHog12 for extensive troubleshooting and problem-solving assistance! 

       ♦ Hrnchamd for MCP, MGE XE
, and example scripts.

       ♦ Joel Braddock & Mandamus for the Coat model.

       ♦ Lady E and Proudfoot for Chain model.

       ♦ MNP for Goggle model.

       ♦ MementoMoritius for the Clockwork Dreugh creature and help with sounds. 

       ♦ Nigedo for Dwemer Lantern model.

       ♦ Resdayn Revival Team for Coil model.

       ♦ Siberian Crab for rock arch and cliff models.

       ♦ Subatomic Labs for Bathysphere model.

       ♦ for Paper Stock Image.

       ♦ Vtastek for Distortion Shader.